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Intimation of Analyst Meet - 19May2023: Intimation_Analyst Meet-28062023: Intimation of Book Closure for 25th AGM:
Intimation of Closure of Trading Window-Q1-2023-24: Intimation of Board Meeting Q1-2023-24: Intimation of Earnings Call Q1-2023-24:
Earnings Call Invite Q1-2023-24: Outcome of Board Meeting 08-Aug-2023: Earnings Presentation Q1-FY-2023-24:
Press Release Q1-FY-2023-24: Data Patterns Earnings Call:   
Unaudited Financial Results Q1-2023-24 Newspaper Publication: Earnings Call Transcript Q1-2023-24:
Intimation of Analysts Meet - 18 August 2023: Intimation of Investor Meet 08-Sep-2023: Intimation of Investor Meet 13-Sep-2023:
Intimation of Investor Meet 18&19-Sep-2023: Clarification to False News News18 Tamilnadu: Clarification to False News Puthiya Thalaimurai:
Intimation of Closure of Trading Window Q2-2023-24: Data Patterns IN SPACe ToT Press Release: Intimation of Board Meeting 04-Nov-2023:
Intimation of Earnings Call 06-Nov-2023: Earnings ConCall Invite Q2-2023-24: Outcome of Board Meeting Nov-04-2023:
Press Release Q2-2023-24: Related Party Transaction Report H1-FY-2023-24: Earnings Presentation Q2-FY-2023-24:
Unaudited Financial Results Q2-2023-24 Newspaper Publication: Earnings Call Recording Q2-FY-2023-24:   
Earnings Call Transcript Q2-2023-24:
Intimation of Participation in JM Financials Conference 20-Nov-2023: Intimation of Closure of Trading Window Q3-2023-24: Intimation of Board Meeting 31-Jan-2024:
Intimation of Earnings Call 02-Feb-24: Revised timing of Earnings Call 02-Feb-2024: Outcome of Board Meeting 31-Jan-2024:
Press Release Q3-2023-24: Earnings Presentation Q3-FY-2023-24: Unaudited Financial Results Q3-2023-24 Newspaper Publication:
Earnings Call Recording Q3-FY-2023-24:    Earnings Call Transcript Q3-2023-24:
Intimation of Closure of Trading Window Q4-2023-24: Intimation of Change in Designation of Mr.Mathew Cyriac: Intimation of Board Meeting 18-May-2024:
Intimation of Earnings Call Q4 2023-2024: Outcome of Board Meeting 18-May-2024: Press Release Q4 & FY 2023-24:
Audited Financial Results Q4 & FY-2023-24 Newspaper Publication: Earnings Presentation Q4 & FY-2023-24: Earnings Call Recording Q4-FY-2023-24:   
Intimation Of Analyst Meet: Intimation Of Investor Meet: Q4FY22 Earnings Presentation:
Outcome Of Board Meeting: Press Release_Q4: Intimation Of Newspaper Publication_Q4:
Audio Earnings Call Conference_Q4:    Earnings Call Transcipt_Q4:
Intimation of Analyst Meet_20.06.2022: Disclosure_Related Party Transaction: Intimation Of Analyst Meet 22 & 23 June 2022:
Intimation Of Closure Of Trading Window_Q1: Intimation of Board Meeting_Q1: Intimation of Board Meeting_08.02.2022:
Intimation Of Board Meeting_23052022: Intimation of Board Meeting_Q1: Business Line_EGM Notice:
Outcome Of Board Meeting: Outcome Of Board Meeting_08020222: Intimation Of Earnings Conference Call_Q1_FY 23:
Outcome Of Board Meeting_30062022: Presentation Earnings Conference Call_Q1: Newspaper Adversitement Of Unaudited Financial Results_Q1:
Audio Earning Conference Call_Q1 FY2023: Newspaper Advertisement_09082022: Earnings Transcript Call_Q1:
Newspaper Advertisement Post-Dispatch AGM Notice: Intimation Investor Meet_25th Aug, 2022: Intimation Investor Meet_25th and 26th Aug, 2022:
Investor Presentation Earnings ConCall_Q2: Outcome Of Board Meeting_Q2: Newspaper Advertisement Financial Results_Q2:
Press Release_Q2: Data Patterns Q2FY23 recording:   
Earnings Con Call Transcript_Q2: Intimation of Analyst Meet_November, 2022: Intimation Of Board Meeting Q2_Sep2022:
Related Party Transactions_30092022: Monitoring Agency Report Sep2022:
Intimation Of Analyst Meet: Intimation Of Closure Of Trading Window: Intimation Of Demise Of Independent Director:
Intimation Of Board Meeting: Regulation 74(5): Addition to Purpose of Intimation Of Board Meeting_Q3:
Outcome Of Board Meeting: Press Release Q3: Intimation Newspaper Advertisement_Q3:
Earnings Call Presentation_Q3: Regulation 76_Reconciliation Share Capital_Q3: Audio Earnings Call Conference_Q3FY23:   
Earnings Transcript Call_Q3: Intimation Of EGM_27.02.2023: Newspaper Publication Notice Of EGM:
Intimation of Investor Meet_10.02.2023: Investor Presentation_10.02.2023: Monitoring Agency Report_Dec 2022:
Intimation of Analyst Meet_Feb Month: Intimation Of Unaudited Condensed Interim Financials: Intimation_Stock Exchange_Issue Opening:
Intimation Of Analyst Meet_20.03.2023:
Intimation of Closure of Trading Window_31032023: Analyst Meet_06042023: Intimation of Earnings Con Call Q4:
Outcome of Board Meeting 13 May 2023: Q4FY23- Press Release: Q4 & FY23 Investor Presentation:
Audio Earnings Call Conference_Q4FY23:    Q4 & FY 2022-23 Financial Results - Newspaper Publication:
Earnings Call Transcript Q4 FY 2022-23:
Intimation Of Earnings Call_Transcript_Q3: Intimation Of Investor Meet: Press Release_Q3_2021-2022:
Investor Presentation_Q3_2021-2022: Outcome of Board Meeting_Q3_2021-2022: Intimation of Earnings Conference Call_Q3_2021-2022:
IntimationTo Stock Exchange: Intimation of Closure of Trading Window_03.21: Intimation of Closure of Trading Window_03.22:
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