At Data Patterns, we are proud of the high degree of loyalty, sincerity and ownership shown by our employees in helping Data Patterns retain it's leadership in niche domains. As we grow by leaps and bounds in technology and product category, our need to acquire the required level of technology and the passion to better ourselves also increases. Our success depends on what each one of us does, how and when we do it and what efforts we take to enhance ourselves every time.

Data Patterns provides a nurturing environment for sincere workers. Its commitment to expansion is demonstrated by its 80% year-on-year growth on an average, for the past 5 years.

If you want to seize the synergy between carrying a process to its end result and learning from the process itself, come join us.

Everyone at Data Patterns works as a task force, willing to pitch in where and when required, while still having defined responsibilities for their roles. Employee empowerment and guidance from senior management result in dedicated team players.

The generic requirements for a position in Data Patterns are:
  • A capacity to play a proactive role in discharging one's duties.
  • Ability to perform well in a challenging environment.
  • A staunch commitment to create a professional legacy.

This section has been created to enable job seekers to make a career in the exciting field of Defence and Aerospace by serving the nation indirectly. Taking our opportunities seriously, you also can strive and reach great heights on a strong technology base. Data Patterns is an equal opportunity employer and hires both fresh Engineers and Engineers with experience for its core functions. Based on requirements, other support functional vacancies are also filled. Its recruitment drive involves scanning an in-house database as well.