Cockpit & Rugged Displays

Data Patterns offers a wide range of multi-function rugged LCD displays for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. The current range extends from 3" to 20" units. All avionics displays offer leading edge functionality including on board smart processing and internal & external sensors support Video formats from RS170, Stanag 3350, PAL, VGA, DVI, ARINC 708, ARINC 818 standards are provided. The integration of the latest NVIS technologies and the optical stack-up allows for very high brightness, high contrast sunlight readable screens with minimized reflections, combined with low power consumption.

Display Technologies

  • Custom High Brightness LED backlights and backlight drivers
  • Optical lamination & NVIG compatibility of LCDs
  • Custom designed Bezels
  • Lightening Protection
  • Overlaying of graphics symbology
  • Conversion of STANAG 3350 class B/C, RS170, SoG.

NTSC/PAL RGBHV, DVI etc. to LCD compatible signals.

  • Interfaces like ARINC 429, ARINC 708, RS422, MIL-1553B, and protocols such as AFDX, Ethernet, Fiber Channel, USB.
  • Standby Instrumentation by integrating sensors such as Pressure, altitude etc.
  • Design to standards such as MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-810, DO-178B, DO-160F, DO-254
  • CEMILAC qualified and flight approved on fighter aircraft, trainer aircraft and military helicopters, and DGCA qualified Cockpit displays.
Product Name Description View
DP-DSP-801620" Marine Grade Display
DP-DSP-8022Smart Display Unit
DP-DSP-8040Foldable Display Unit
DP-DSP-80525 ATI Multifunction Display
DP-DSP-80616 x 8" Display System
DP-DSP-80704 ATI Multifunction Indicator
DP-DSP-808015" Cockpit Display
DP-DSP-810917" Inch Rugged Display System
DP-DSP-8115CDU for Signa 30
DP-DSP-81213ATI Multifunction Indicator
DP-DSP-8130Advanced Display Unit
DP-DSP-8135Smart Standby Display Unit
DP-DSP-81426 x 4" Winch Operator Display
Light Utility Helicopter Cockpit display
Light Utility Helicopter Cockpit display
Fixed Wing Cockpit displays
Fixed Wing Cockpit displays
Cockpit & Rugged Display_1 Cockpit & Rugged Display_2 Cockpit & Rugged Display_3 Cockpit & Rugged Display_4 Cockpit & Rugged Display_5 Cockpit & Rugged Display_6 Cockpit & Rugged Display_7 Cockpit & Rugged Display_8 Cockpit & Rugged Display_9 Cockpit & Rugged Display_10 Cockpit & Rugged Display_11 Cockpit & Rugged Display_12