Radar and Radar Subsystems

A variety of complete Radars and Radar Sub-systems have been implemented by Data Patterns. These include Airborne Central Unit for an Early Warning Radar which has been fully qualified to aircraft LRU standards, Tracking Radars, Phased Array Antenna Components, Wind profile radar, Coastal Surveillance etc.

The Radars include technologies pertaining to:

  •     Radar Signal Processing
  •     Transmitters
  •     LFM (Linear Frequency Modulation) and Phase Shift coding
  •     Complementary codes, Barker codes and Spano codes
  •     Transmit Waveform Generation
  •     Low Noise Receivers
  •     Digital Down Conversion
  •     I and Q separation
  •     DDS, Digital filtering and decimation
  •     Pulse Compression – Matched filtering
  •     Doppler Extraction
  •     Clutter removal
  •     Target Tracking Algorithms
  •     Range Tracking and Angle Tracking
  •     α-ß Algorithms
  •     Kalman Filtering
  •     Phase Sensitive Detection – Angle Tracking
  •     Computation of Radar Products for Wind Profilers
  •     Power Spectra, Moments – M0, M1 & M2
  •     Noise floor estimation
  •     Wind Speed & Direction, UVW
  •     RTI (Range Time Intensity) and VTI (Velocity Time Intensity) plots


Product Name Description View
DP-RDR-8026Stratosphere Troposphere Wind Profiler RADAR
DP-RDR-8035X-Band Fully Solid State Surveillance Radar
R1Full S-Band Phased Array Antenna for Low Level Tracking Radar (LLTR) for Army
R11Transmit / Receive Interface System for Multi Object Tracking Radar
R12C & S-Band Tracking Radar for ISRO
R13Radar Data Processing and Control Console for Precision Coherent Monopulse C-Band Radar
R2Complete Array Group Receiver in S-Band for Medium Power Radar (MPR) for Airforce
R3Digital Signal Processing Waveform and Radar Data Processing System for Rohini, Revathi and Ashlesha (AF)
R4Computing System for Akash Surface Missile System (Army and AF)
R5Receiver / Exciter Central Unit for AEW & LSTAR Radars
R6X-Band Imaging Radar for DRDL/Brahmos
R7TR Modules in UHF, S, C and X-Band
R81MW S-Band Radar Transmitter