Mechanical Integration

Mechanical Integration

Mechanical integration department executes the following mechanical assemblies:

  • 19" compatible and custom made main racks
  • Machined chassis, sheet metal sub racks and enclosures
  • Precision electromechanical assemblies
  • Module ruggediser and stiffener


  • Torque controlled tools
  • Torque calibration meter
  • Assembly and alignment fixtures
  • Hot and cold chambers for press fit assemblies
  • Hydraulic presses
  • ESD controlled work benches
  • Surface table

Assemblies are performed by skilled and space grade assembly trained technicians by using;

  • Assembly and work instructions
  • Torque controlled tools

Stages of mechanical assemblies include:

  • Assembly for wiring and cabling
  • Final integration after the wiring and cabling

Each stage of assembly is inspected and then offered to the next stage. Assembly operations and inspections performed are recorded in a route card for traceability, and this route card travels along with the assembly till the final stage.

Assembly technicians are encouraged to provide feed back on the assembly methodology for continual improvements.

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