Cable Harness Test System

Data Patterns has built high reliability Cable Harness Test Systems for large installations. These are primarily used in launch vehicle aircraft and missile level cable harness test validation. Installations with upto 20,000 lines test capability at a single location have been supplied by Data Patterns. Portable version capable handling of as small as 384 points have also been addressed.

The system features scalability from 128 lines to over 30000 lines portable large systems.

It is implemented using :

  • High Voltage Insulation Measurement Module
  • High Voltage Matrix Switch
  • High Voltage Relay Switch
  • Precision Multimeter

It is configured with :

  • Central Control Station
  • Distributed Slave Stations

It measures :

  • Continuity
  • Wrong Connections
  • Resistance
  • Special Tests
  • Diode Tests
  • Relay / Manual Switch Assemblies control
  • Shield
  • Forced Current
  • Isolation
  • Insulation
  • Cable capacitance