Digital IF Processors & Waveform generators

These products are implemented through modern high speed digitizers and digital to analog converters and are backed by FPGA based processing that implements baseband tuning and high speed I&Q vector generation algorithms. These find application in real-time signal processing, electronic waveform generation, digital tuners, and communication products.

Product Name Description View
DP-SPL-5653Waveform Generator card
DP-VME-5247VME64x Dual IF Signal Processor
DP-VME-5808IF Coded Waveform Generator Module
DP-VME-58266 Channel Digital Receiver Module
DP-VME-5838High Performance 335M, Six Channel Digital Receiver
DP-VME-5841VME based Quad Digital Controller Module
DP-VME-5844IF waveform generator module
DP-VPX-5843VPX based Octal Digital Receiver Board
DP-VPX-5846Dual Channel Narrow Band Digital Receiver with VPX Interface
DP-XMC-1101High speed digital pattern generator and data acquisition module
DP-XMC-11044-Channel, 200/250 MHz 16-bit ADC PMC / XMC Module
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