About Us
Corporate Social Responsibilities

People, planet and profit – the three point sustainability mantra is practised by Data Patterns as part of it's CSR initiatives.


Data Patterns engages in fair and ethical business practices towards labour and the local community. All the employees are covered under Group Mediclaim and Personal Accident policies. Local youth are hired in suitable positions to make them independent thus enabling the local population to be self sufficient. We constantly strive to give back to the society what we continue to receive from it.


Environmental protection has always been dear to us. Waste generated is treated, as required and disposed off as per the regulatory law. Use of renewable and eco friendly resources is advocated and practised.

Solder waste and other electronic materials like PCBs, old batteries are handed over to Pollution control Board authorized agencies for treatment and disposal and a destruction certificate in proof of the same obtained for our records.


Social accounting, a concept describing the communication of social and environmental effects of a company's economic actions to particular interest groups within society and to society at large, is an important element of CSR and Data Patterns fully recognizes this fact and adheres to it.