Industry Pack (IP) modules are international standards as per ANSI-VITA 4.

These are mezzanine modules of approximately the size of a business card (99mm x 45mm). Featuring a 16 or 32 bit wide I/O interface and 50 user defined I/O pins, these modules are ideal for providing the capability for high density I/O.

IP carriers provide multiple slots on a single carrier. This allows multiple IP modules to be provided on a single slot in a Compact PCI / VME / VXI / PCI card cage.

Industry Pack modules provide some unique advantages in system integration. These include:

  • Utilisation of slot space, by providing multiple functions in a single slot
  • Low cost implementation due to their small size
  • The IP modules provide only the quantity of I/O required for the application
  • Availability of many functions on IP form factor from multiple vendors
  • Flexibility of routing to Front or Rear of card cage by suitable carrier selection
  • Standard IP modules, in conjunction with custom rear I/O capabilities enable customisation at the lowest cost and maximum long term maintainability

A unique advantage of the IP concept is the ability to utilise IP modules in multiple hardware architectures. A typical high reliability project is implemented in Compact PCI or VME or VXI architectures. However, the project is likely to need hardware in advance to carry out simulation or software development and so on. In this case, The IP modules can be procured early, and utilised on low cost PC platforms. Subsequently, the projects can transfer the resources to the final platforms. Developed source code can be easily ported to the final environment.

The layout of the IP board enables mechanical ruggedisation to be easily achieved, enabling vibration and shock resistant applications to be met.

Data Patterns has implemented a range of functions on the IP form factor. These include communication modules, digital I/O modules, special functions such as pulse generation and sensing, resolver inputs and timing generation suited for the special signals found on ships. Some of these products are used in airborne as well as marine applications.

Further functions needed for applications can be developed by Data Patterns in very short time frames, where such a development is appropriate to project requirements.

The use of the IP modules, in conjunction with carriers in standard platforms such as Compact PCI, VXI, VME and PCI enables Data Patterns to implement projects flexibly and quickly.

A list of products is given below.

Product Name Description View
DP-IP-303948 Channel Digital I/O IP Module
DP-IP-308448 Channel TTL I/O IP Module
DP-IP-311316 Channel Differential Digital I/O Module
DP-IP-42218 Channel RS422/485 Serial Communication IP Module
DP-IP-42998 Channel ARINC 429 IP Module
DP-IP-52084 Channel Pulse Generator Output IP Module
DP-IP-53078 Channels of Relay Output & 3 Channels of Digital/Octo/Differential Input IP Module
DP-IP-53168 Channel AC/DC Sensing & Counter IP Module
DP-IP-532516 Channel Differential Output IP Module
DP-IP-53341 Channel DC Voltage Detection 1 Channel Syncro Detection 1 Channel Resolver Output IP Module
DP-IP-5433User Programmable 48 Channel TTL I/O IP Module
DP-IP-5532MIL-STD-1553 BC/RT/MT IP Module
DP-IP-5610Dual ARINC 561 Module
DP-MM-110516 Channel 100 KHz Isolated ADC Module
DP-MM-11233 Channel M-Module Strain Gauge Signal Conditioner with Excitation
DP-MM-2509DC Precision Source
DP-MM-2608AC Precision Source
DP-MM-4411Pulse Generator Module