Bus Management Unit
  • Solution to test  redundant Architecture of BMU
  • Comprehensive test system performing tests of > 3000 I/O's
  • Special test circuits using hybrid / ceramic components to operate in Thermovac chamber
  • Tests various subsystem functionalities like, AOCS, Sensor Electronics, Telemetry, Tele-command with Self test and application test software

    Satellite Sub systems tested are:

  • Digital Telemetry Interface
  • 1553B Interface
  • Bit Error Measurement Simulator
  • Digital Remote Multiplexing Unit Interface
  • Analog Remote Multiplexing Unit Interface
  • Event Timer Interface
  • Deployment Timer Interface
  • Telemetry - Analog Interface
  • Telemetry - Digital Interface
  • Digital RF Bit Interface
  • Telemetry Play Back Interface