Redundant Strap Down INS ATE

Redundant Strap down Inertial Navigation System (RESINS) checkout test station comprises of cPCI chassis with various functional I/O modules like ADC, DAC, DIO, VFC, Relay matrix, MIL 1553, GPIB, Serial communication interfaces and Custom Built System interface adaptor.

Software drivers for each functional block are developed in QNX,  to perform functional checks of the integrated prime and redundant chains of the satellite launch vehicle’s Navigation system.

The following functional checks are performed for various On-board packages :

  • NIMP (Navigational Inertial Module Prime)‏
  • NIMR (Navigational Inertial Module Redundant)‏
  • NGCP (Navigational Gyro control Processor Prime)‏
  • NGCPR (Navigational Gyro control Processor Redundant)‏
  • ISUPM (Inertial System Unit Prime Module)‏
  • ISU (Inertial System Unit)
  • REMP (Redundant Electronics Module Prime)‏
  • REMR (Redundant Electronics Module Redundant)

The custom built Signal Interface Adapter (SIA) is used to provide :

  • Power to various packages
  • Power supply voltage monitoring
  • Voltage monitoring at package end
  • Current monitoring of package supply
  • Line driving of VFC signals, RS232 and reset interface
  • Status read back of on-board relays
  • LED ON/OFF relay status
  • Watch dog and surveillance enunciator
  • Emergency OFF for COS supply
  • Relay bypass control switch