Application Development

In the era of rapid convergence, our new-age demands products with extreme reliability at the lowest possible costs, and in the shortest possible time lines. Data Patterns has handled complex development projects for the very demanding needs of military and aerospace applications, as well as provided services for embedded firmware development for other industrial applications. Our diverse expertise across various industries provides us with an immense perspective and experience, which we leverage and apply for optimal resource utilization and value creation.

Data Patterns works with you to develop and deploy efficient, robust, and reliable work flows to perform in synergy with your development environment. We undertake Application Software Development, for our own in-house programs, and for customer specific requirements. Data Patterns has a strong developmental knowledge base in the following areas:

  • Radar Signal Processing
  • Tracking Radars, Wind Profile Radars, Surveillance Radars and Weather Radars
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Missile Launch and Fire Control
  • Missile Test Systems
  • Avionics Displays
  • Avionics sensor interface and control
  • Functional Test Systems
  • Wide band and Narrow band signal analysis and complex waveform generation
  • Image Processing – Thermal imaging and Optical Imaging
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Audio and Video processing
  • Signal Processing for Control & Navigation application including Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) based Inertial Measurement Units (IMU), Electro Mechanical Actuators, Electro- Pneumatic Actuators and Gimbal Stabilized platforms

Data Patterns provide technology and domain expertise developed over decades, built with hands-on experience in diverse end-use purposes, and tested with resounding successes in defense and aerospace solutions. Data Patterns’ knowledge of software development tools, combined with our software development process expertise, enables us to respond to the functional and technical requirements of the customers with empathy and excellence.

A complete software life cycle process, driven by standards like MIL-STD-498, IEEE 12207 can be implemented. Mission critical software has been executed to DO178 B Level A standards. Data Patterns, we reiterate, offers its customers Application Software Development, backed by in-house domain expertise, ensuring a smooth, reliable and time bound project execution cycle.

Application development covers Windows, Linux, VxWorks, QNX, Lynx, RTLinux,HA-Linux and Xenomai. We have the required IDE expertise in Visual Studio VC++, QT, Embedded QT, Eclipse, Work Bench, and Momentics, and, use tools such as VI Editor, GCC Compiler, Static Code Analyzer and CPP Rule Checker to achieve the desired objective.

We have also developed in-house a workbench, DP-CHRONO, which allows us to accomplish results in an integrated environment that provides the following features:

  • C/C++ Development Toolkit (CDT)
  • Remote System Explorer (RSE)
  • Remote Target Debugging
  • O-Profile for profiling application
  • Memory usage analysis and leak detection using Mpatrol
  • System level tracing using LTTng
  • Linux Kernel Compilation
  • Cross compilation using GNU cross tool-chain
  • CVS maintenance and updation

Data Patterns with its domain expertise and the product development knowledge base can offer services for the software development of end to end solutions. Our operational model, with our stringent testing and qualification processes, and, the advantage our modular designs will reduce the overall design effort and time to meet your program schedules.

Working with Data Patterns can accelerate progression, diminishing the time required to go through the learning curve when adopting new tools and technologies. The result is a rapid return on your investment. Applying lessons learned from past projects, we help you jump to not only the right answer, but to the best answer.

If you desire a vendor who can meet high standards, with best practices that ensure performance and maintainability of your application, we are, in all likelihood your choice.