The VPX standard defined by ANSI/VITA 46.0 is a modern derivative of the older VME standards that is primarily targeted at defence applications, leveraging latest technologies in high speed electronics in order to provide higher performance computing, improved ruggedisation and thermal management capability, higher I/O densities and improved maintainability due to better immunity to ESD. Data Patterns has designed and manufactured a broad range of VPX products required for high end Radar / Electronic Warfare / Image Processing and Sonar applications.

A list of products is given below.

Product Name Description View
DP-PSU-8123VPX 28V Input 460W Power Supply
DP-VPX-0659VPX Based Quad 8640 D Signal Processing Unit
DP-VPX-0689Single / Dual Core Power PC MPC 8640 Single Board Computer
DP-VPX-0869VPX Based FMC Processor Module
DP-VPX-0899Virtex 7 Based FMC Processor Module
DP-VPX-09303U VPX T2080 Quad Core Single Board Computer
DP-VPX-5843VPX Based Octal Digital Receiver Module
DP-VPX-5846Dual Channel Narrow Band Digital Receiver Module with VPX Interface
DP-VPX-7004Hybrid 05 Slot VPX Mesh Backplane with 05 RF Slot
DP-VPX-7007Two Slot VPX Mesh Backplane Module
DP-VPX-70106U Single Slot VPX Backplane Module
DP-VPX-81231U VPX based System