COTS Boards

Built in strict adherence to open architecture standards, Data Patterns designs COTS module products which are used in today's rugged applications and automatic test equipment platforms. Open standard form factors include cPCI, FMC & XMC, IP, MM, PCI, PCMCIA, PMC, VME, VPX and VXI.

A portfolio of 'Off the Shelf ' products for testing and on-board applications have been developed by Data Patterns. COTS boards developed have been sold to many customers, in India as well as Europe and North America. They are used for system level products such as Automatic Test Equipment, Rugged Military Electronics, etc.

Data Patterns focus on building COTS product is to provide the technological capability to develop system level products with very fast run around times. Use of Data Patterns' COTS module in system level products ensures Data Patterns ability to maintain the products for a significantly longer life cycle. The proximity to the system level engineering team with the COTS development team ensures that end applications are delivered faster, enabling a shorter time to market for the customers


The VPX standard defined by ANSI/VITA 46.0 is a modern derivative of the older VME standards that is primarily targeted at defence applications, leveraging latest technologies in high speed electronics in order to provide higher performance...


FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC)

The FPGA Mezzanine Card is used by Data Patterns to implement signal interface with external world compatible FPGAs mounted on the FMC carrier there are...


One of the world's leading architectures for high reliability electronics applications is the VME platform.

The VME standard is managed by the VME bus International Trade Association, VITA.


Modules in compact PCI from Data Patterns are available for Data Acquisition and Control, Simulation, Communication Automatic test equipment, Rugged systems, Fail-safe systems, Computer controlled logic controls, Plant automation and similar...


Industry Pack (IP) modules are international standards as per ANSI-VITA 4.

These are mezzanine modules of approximately the size of a business card (99mm x 45mm). Featuring a 16 or 32 bit wide I/O interface and 50 user defined I/O...


VXI stands for VME eXtensions for Instrumentation. It is an open standard first developed by five leading Test and Measurement companies in 1987 to standardise a backplane capable of developing open, interchangeable...


Data Patterns has a strong RF and Microwave engineering capability, featuring a team of enthusiastic engineering talent, substantial investments in RF test and measuring instruments, and an attitude to utilise the latest technologies.