About Us
Business conduct policy

Data Patterns gives utmost importance to business ethics and does not indulge in any activity not in the nation's interests. Regulatory compliances wherever required are met and our business is conducted using only fair means and with integrity, transparency, and open communication as we believe that the goodwill resulting from adopting and successfully implementing a code of business ethics will, in the long run, translate into economic gains and take our business on the growth path. We are totally against corruption/bribery in any form and take great care to educate our employees on maintaining a strictly professional relationship with our customers, vendors and other business associates. Handling of confidential and proprietary information and intellectual property is done with professionalism and as per the rules and regulations laid down. All employees enter into a Non-Disclosure and Non-compete agreement at the time of joining which is valid for 2 years post separation. The health and safety of our most important asset - Human resources is given top priority. We advocate eco friendliness in all our processes, follow recycling wherever possible to keep our environment safe.