Avionic Systems

Data Patterns has designed prototyped, qualified and manufactured a wide variety of products intended for airborne applications in manned and unmanned aircraft. Ranging from smaller unmanned vehicles and missiles to manned fighter aircraft, Data Patterns has the largest number of qualified LRUs designed in India from a single source. Incorporating the latest techniques from thermal engineering and mechanical ruggedisation, Data Patterns' products are ideally designed for the application. A captive manufacturing facility enables production with reliability. At the same time, planning and preparing for obsolescence management and providing long term support for manufacturability is the key philosophy with respect to the avionic product lines.

Product Name Description View
DP-CIO-8143Communication and I/O Interface
DP-DMCS-8134Actuator Controller for UAV
DP-DSP-8040Foldable display
DP-DSP-80616 X 8" Display System
DP-DSP-80616 X 8" Display System
DP-DSP-80704 ATI Multifunction Indicator
DP-DSP-8135Smart Standby Display Unit
DP-IFF-8002IFF Transponder
DP-IFF-8005IFF Interrogator
DP-IFF-8008IFF Combined Interrogator Transponder
DP-MRET-8124Multi Redundant Embedded Timer
DP-OBC-0462Mission Computer Processor board
DP-OBC-8001Flight Control Computer for UAV
DP-OBC-8145Rustom Rugged Duplex Computer
DP-OBC-8151Airborne Protocol Converter
DP-PSU-7027PCD System (ACU & IU)
DP-RCU-8230Airborne Central Unit for Radar
DP-SIPU-8004Signal Processing IF Unit
DP-SPL-8206Protocol Converter
DP-VPX-81443U VPX 5 Slot ½ ATR Chassis
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