Data Patterns has a strong RF and Microwave engineering capability, featuring a team of enthusiastic engineering talent, substantial investments in RF test and measuring instruments, and an attitude to utilise the latest technologies.

An in-house manufacturing capability and an insatiable demand for fulfilling requirements of Radar, Electronic Warfare and Communication domains, Data Patterns has developed a whole line of building blocks including TR Modules, Up and Down Converters, Power Amplifiers, Transmitters, Combiners and Dividers for specific requirements.

A list of products is given below.

Product Name Description View
DP-CRF-0500DDS Piggy Module,250 to 660 MHz, BMA Female connector (Wideband, Custom)
DP-CRF-2303Local Oscillator 2 Module 1.44/1.56 GHz, BMA female Connector (L band, Local Oscillator)
DP-CRF-25015 kW High Power SPDT Switch
DP-CRF-25131 KW transmitter module
DP-CRF-452060 MHz OCXO Module,Custom
DP-CRF-452910 MHz,10 ppb,13 dBm OCXO Module
DP-CRF-50488 Way Power Combiner / Splitter Module for S Band
DP-CRF-5105LTCC Based X Band TR Module
DP-CRF-5111X Band 8W TR Module on Ceramic PCB Type 2
DP-CRF-5117X Band 8W TR Module on Ceramic PCB Type 3
DP-CRF-5120X band 300 Watt Transmitter Module (SSPA Based)
DP-CRF-5204IF1 Down Converter Module,1620 MHz/1630 MHz, BMA Female Connector
DP-CRF-5207IF2 Down Converter Module, 180 MHz/70 MHz, BMA Female Connector
DP-CRF-5402Solid State Amplifier Module (X Band, Power Amplifier)
DP-CRF-54081:3 Power Divider module (BITE)
DP-CRF-5411Rugged Wide Band VHF/UHF RF Tuner (down converter) for WBSPU
DP-CRF-5414Single Channel Rugged HF Tuner (2 - 30 MHz) for WBSPU
DP-CRF-5420HF Tuner for Search Receiver
DP-CRF-5423Dual Quadrature Combiner Module 24 DP-
DP-CRF-5426Dual Quadrature Divider Module
DP-CRF-5429In Phase 4:1 Combiner Module
DP-CRF-54354 KW Power Amplifier Module
DP-CRF-54383.5 KW Power Amplifier Module
DP-CRF-54412.5 KW Power Amplifier Module
DP-CRF-54441.5 KW Power Amplifier Module
DP-CRF-5447800W Power Amplifier Module, 1090MHz
DP-CRF-54504Way Hybrid Power Divider
DP-CRF-54538 Way Hybrid Power Divider
DP-CRF-5462DP-CRF-5462 1kW Power Amplifier Module
DP-CRF-5468High power Directional coupler - 9 GHz to 9.8 GHz - 300watts Peak & 60 watts Avg power
DP-CRF-5471U/VHF Wideband IF Filter Module
DP-CRF-5483400MHz DDS synthesizer module
DP-CRF-5486L-Band 950-2050 MHz Transceiver Module
DP-CRF-5492X Band 100W Solid State Power Amplifier Module
DP-CRF-5510HF 2 to 30 MHz Signal Distribution Unit
DP-CRF-5519X Band Dual Quadrature power divider / combiner
DP-CRF-55222 KW Power Amplifier, 1030 MHz/ 1090 MHZ, Pin:44dBm
DP-CRF-55402.5kW SPDT Switch , 1030 MHz,IL:0.6dB(Max), Isolation: 25dB (Min)
DP-CRF-5546X Band 4 Way Quadrature Coupler Power Divider
DP-CRF-5549VHF/UHF Tranceiver module for CubeSat with Pc104 Interface
DP-CRF-5552S-Band Transmitter module for CubeSat with Pc104 Interface
DP-CRF-6002VHF Master Combiner Module
DP-CRF-6008Clock Synthesizer Module for Wind Profile Radar
DP-CRF-6014VHF Triple Channel, 20dB to 80dB Variable Gain Receiver Module for Wind Profile Radar
DP-CRF-60177 Way Power Combiner / Splitter Module VHF Band
DP-CRF-6020DP-CRF-6020 13-way Power combiner / splitter module for VHF band
DP-CRF-6023Microstrip based Hairpin type Band Pass Filter, 7.370GHz to 8.180GHz
DP-CRF-6026Microstrip patch array antenna for monopulse application,frequency 9.2GHz to 9.6GHz
DP-CRF-7004S-Band Dual Channel Analog Receiver
DP-CRF-7007LO and Dual Stage Up Converter Module
DP-CRF-7010RES and channel selector module
DP-CRF-7016Distributor Module
DP-CRF-7061Array Group Analog Receiver
DP-CRF-7073L-Band-TRM receiver
DP-CRF-7115VHF Receiver Module
DP-CRF-7118VHF 500 Watts Transmitter Module
DP-CRF-712720 MHz to 3000 MHz VHF/UHF Tuner
DP-CRF-7130C Band GaN Based 25Watts Quad Channel Transmitter
DP-SSPA-5100X Band 100W Solid State Power Amplifier