Product Development Services

Data Patterns offers the broadest and most comprehensive range of standard products, providing solutions from COTS modules to multi rack system integration. We offer products for use in multiple domains including Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and Rugged Military Electronics (RME). We are a pioneering Indian company, and leaders in the development of advanced functionalities, world class thermal and environmental protection, often with Built-in Test and life cycle maintenance strategies.

Our design philosophy revolves around:
  • Re-usability – Quick product development
  • Scalability – Seamless enhancement
  • Adaptability – Various Platforms
  • Interoperability – Co-existence
  • Testability – Test coverage and diagnostics
  • Maintainability – Long term support and protection against obsolescence

Our domain exposure includes Embedded systems, Wireless communications, Signal processing, Communication Systems, Control Systems, Navigation and Radar processing. We are experts in these domains, and have extensive experience from conceptualization and architecture, to bit stream generation, for the desired end use. To support our design and delivery, we are exceptionally competent in Mathematical Modeling, Data analysis, Feasibility checks, System development, System Performance analysis and rapid prototyping.

When required, for realizing hardware design, high reliability processes to eliminate error progression are followed in Data Patterns. Events such as Power Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Structural Analysis, FMECA (Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis) and MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), acts as gates to design reliability into the product. We also build customized test setups to verify and ensure performance against specifications.

Data Patterns has the advantage of having tried and tested in-house COTS and custom boards. In a great number of cases, the deployed modules have already been tested as a productionized block. The setup is modular and allows selection of boards for specific requirements with next to nil wasted and redundant functions. We build using commercial and rugged building blocks, already available in our portfolio, as well as new designs whenever required.

Data Patterns’ ability to not only design the product but to also manufacture the first prototypes, test the product, provide first article inspection services, and undertake production runs, all within the same establishment, offers a significant advantage of single point communication, and consequently, flawless synergy.

As a sampling of end-use applications, we have products that have been qualified for operating temperatures of -40°. c to +85°. centigrade and storage temperature of -55°. c to +125°. Centigrade. We are able to offer products that operate in Relative Humidity levels upto 100% RH. Products that withstand vibration of 12Grms and shock up to 100G have been designed and tested. Electro-static discharge (ESD) levels of 20KV can be offered. Designs of products operating from 18000 meters altitude to underwater depths of 2000 meters have been carried out successfully.

Our portfolio of products can be categorized as follows, and reflects our readiness to develop bespoke products in these, and, related areas and configurations (For details, visit our Products Menu):


A portfolio of ‘Off the Shelf ‘ products, for testing and on-board applications, has been developed by Data Patterns. The COTS boards developed have been sold to many customers, in India as well as to Europe and North America.


Data Patterns has over two decades of experience in design and manufacture of test systems. This experience is made available to our customers by a strong ATE design team.


Data Patterns has a strong RF and Microwave engineering capability, featuring a team of enthusiastic engineering talent, substantial investments in RF test and measuring instruments, and a maverick’s attitude to utilize the latest technologies.


Data Patterns has developed a line-up of State of the Art Integrated solutions for spectrum monitoring, wideband searching, ECM & ESM, direction finding for Airborne and Ground Mobile Applications standard Products include VHF/UHF Search Receiver, HF Search Receiver, Monitoring Receiver & Jammers.


We have a broad spread of talent and technology in the design of display head, aspects such as back-light, mechanical packaging, infra-red touch, resistive touch, Night-Vision-Goggle (NVG) compatible displays, sunlight readable displays and details such as automatic brightness controls. We also design standby Instrumentation by integrating sensors such as Pressure, altitude etc.


A variety of complete Radars and Radar Sub-systems have been implemented by Data Patterns. These include Airborne Central Unit for an Early Warning Radar which has been fully qualified to aircraft LRU standards, Tracking Radars, Phased Array Antenna Components, Wind profile radar, and Coastal Surveillance applications.


We offer a range of STANAG 4193 compatible products for airborne and ground application, including transponders, Interrogators, and combined Interrogator & Transponders.


Data Patterns has designed, prototyped, qualified and manufactured a wide variety of products intended for smaller unmanned vehicles and missiles to manned fighter aircraft, Data Patterns has the largest number of qualified LRUs designed in India from a single source.


A range of electro-optical products have been built for surveillance, imaging and testing requirements.


A number of products for space applications are manufactured to customer designs, at our ISRO approved manufacturing facility. Systems can be developed to exacting customer's specifications.


Power supplies of various ratings for Air, Naval, ground-based, and space applications, which are built to comply with stringent standards and design constraints, and across diverse platforms and form factors, can be offered.


Many naval products have been designed, qualified and delivered to leading ship-builders. Some oceanographic systems have also been developed and supplied for bespoke scientific research purposes.


Data Patterns has standard communication products, delivered for a broad spectrum of applications that are available for both terrestrial and satellite communication requirements.


Data Patterns has developed the required expertise to design and manufacture BLDC Motor drivers for missile and Torpedo applications. Multi-axis gimbals, supported by test systems, are developed for specific requirements.


Data Patterns utilizes Fiber Optic Communication for high speed data transfer requirements. Protocols such as Serial FPDP, Aurora, PCI Express, Gigabit Ethernet are implemented on Fiber Optic Medium. Solutions for high density fiber optic communications are implemented


Data Patterns has a state-of-the-art line up of high end processing modules utilizing fast multi core processor based architecture as well as FPGA based processing engines, that can be applied for use in Radar Signal Processing, Image Processing and similar requirements in the domain of Radars, Sonars and Image Processing applications.


These products are implemented through modern high speed digitizers and digital to analog converters and are backed by FPGA based processing that implements baseband tuning and high speed I&Q vector generation algorithms with applications in real-time signal processing, electronic waveform generation, digital tuners, and communication products.


Data Patterns has built system level consoles for number of programs including launch applications for missiles and torpedo. Ground station consoles for satellites, and consoles for radars can be supplied. Special purpose consoles for applications such as Automated Test Equipment, winch operations and other customized usage can be built,


Data Patterns has designed and manufactured Fiber Optic Gyro based Inertial measurement units for under water applications, with all algorithms including Kalmann filters and co-ordinate transformations realized and implemented.


Data Patterns has standard software solutions for automation of test equipment application development (DP-CUTE) and for software development and debugging in multiprocessor environment (DP-CHRONO) re-skinable for custom usage. Specialized application software can be developed and implemented for use in Radars, Electronic Warfare, Video Signal Processing and related areas.

Data Patterns design and development processes have been validated by international customers. Good product realization practices such as release of BOMs at 3 stages, preliminary, interim and final, aid smooth timely sourcing of components, and therefore, quick turnarounds. Early kick-off for procuring long-lead time components is ensured by advance selection and sourcing of critical components by our supply chain experts, avoiding delays downstream, to the extent feasible. An extensive component data base with a stringent specification approval process for new components ensures the right use of the optimum parts. Preliminary BOM preparation and approval for demand planning in ERP, allows for lead time required to procure critical components. Our designers have also developed an in-house tool for calculating cumulative derating, loading and signal integrity, to ensure the right components are used for the desired optimum performance.

A Project Management Office (PMO) ensures development of a charter, initiation, planning, risk evaluation and mitigation, resource monitoring, status reporting. Dedicated professionals band together in virtual teams for each project. Effective use of DRB (Design Review Board) CMO (Configuration Management Office), FAB (Failure Analysis Board) and SAB (Salvage Analysis Board) ensures learning is looped back into the system, continuously enhancing our expertise and ability to support the desired performance objective, including extended use. DRB reviews the product for in-depth functional, performance, reliability, safety, testability, standardization, and manufacturability. It provides cross-functional assessment and recommendations. CMO is a single point version control and traceability entity that ensures extensive documentation, which is archived for ease of retrieval, and allows for the maintenance of the system, even with change of support personnel. FAB and SAB captures, and grows, our knowledge base to preempt and prevent failures.

Data Patterns facilities are CEMILAC qualified, and manned by a team well-versed in the applicable product standards and platforms. As an organization, certified and audited periodically for meeting AS 9100 (Revision C), we are confident that managing your product realization is accompanied by the highest process and people standards. We are also ISO and ISMS certified, and ensure confidentiality and care for any information shared.

For the list of standards and platforms to which we deliver products, please click here.

An eclectic expertise allows us to configure products that straddle special and general requirements, with the broad perspective that is required when developing products spanning knowledge streams. If this is your requirement in a vendor, it’s more than likely that we are the people who can deliver.