Contract for installation and commissioning of nine Precision Approach Radars concludes between MoD and M/s. Data Patterns (India) Ltd.

A contract for installation and commissioning of nine Precision Approach Radars (PARs) was concluded on 26th August 2019 between Ministry of Defence and M/s. Data Patterns (India) Ltd under 'Buy Indian' category. The state-of-the-art radars incorporating latest Phased Array technology will be installed at Indian Naval Air Stations and Indian Air Force Stations. The installation of these radars will enhance the Flight Safety at the terminal stages of aircraft landing at the airfields.

DP-RDR-8044 is an X-band RADAR designed to provide guidance for landing aircraft from approach distance to touch down point. The precision approach RADAR is developed based on phased array technology with electronic beam steering capability. It provides the positional information of the aircrafts in terms of range and deviation from the desired glide angle path. It utilizes an active electronic scanning antenna in the azimuth and elevation axis. It can be operated either independently or as a part of Ground Control Approach System (GCA), which can include a surveillance RADAR. This approach is useful in critical situations like, safe recovery of fighter aircraft especially in bad weather conditions. This RADAR system provides modern Airborne Moving Target Indication (AMTI) processing of RADAR data which is displayed on LCD monitor with touch screen facility. Extensive diagnostics are carried out based on built-in feature called Built In Test Equipment (BITE). It incorporates self test features and is able to identify the faults up to the LRU level. RADAR is designed for round-the-clock operation, its structure is modular and equipped with complete redundancy. .

Data Patterns is a leading Private Sector Company providing indigenous solutions and Systems for Defence and Aerospace industry with over two decades of experience in developing high reliability Electronic Systems. The Company has expertise in Radars, Electronic Warfare, Avionics, Glass Cockpit Displays, Automatic Test Equipment, Communication Systems and Fire Control Systems. The Company is head quartered in Chennai, India and has offices spread all over India.