FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC)

The FPGA Mezzanine Card is used by Data Patterns to implement signal interface with external world compatible FPGAs mounted on the FMC carrier there are primarily used for high speed analog interface for digitization (ADCs) and waveform generation (DACs). This form factor is also utilized for special I/O Interfaces such as various avionic protocols and buses. FMC I/O signals may be routed via front panel connectors or through Mezzanine connectors that route the signal back to the carrier board for routing through rear I/O of the Chassis. The system interface is designed for routing to FPGAs using a VITA 57 0.05 Pitch Terminal Array Assembly.

Signal Conditioner Card (SC)

 Data Patterns utilize a custom form factor connector suitable for use as a plugin modules on carriers in cPCI, VME or VPX standards specially designed for slow speed precision signals.

Switched Mezzanine Card (XMC)

XMC switched Mezzanine Card form factor is used for providing cross-platform functional solutions usable on cPCI, VME and VPX systems, primarily focused on PCI Express based interface. The XMC is derived from the PMC form factor. A very broad range of I/O functionality is provided through XMC modules.

A list of products is given below.

Product Name Description View
DP-FMC-1002Dual Channel 12 BIT / 10 Bit 4 GSPS / 3 GSPS FMC ADC Module
DP-FMC-2009Dual Channel 14 BIT FMC DAC Module
DP-FMC-5001400 MHz Dual Channel 14 BIT FMC ADC
DP-FMC-5004125 MHz Quad Channel 16 BIT FMC ADC
DP-PMC-1104Quad Channel 105 MHz 16 BIT ADC PMC Module
DP-PMC-53462 Channel PCM Frame Sync & IRIG B Reader Module
DP-PMC-5535Intelligent 3 Node 1553B BC/RT/MT Module
DP-PMC-5679Rugged Advanced Graphics Engine
DP-PMC-5715ARINC 708 PMC Module
DP-PMC-5736PCI Extender Card
DP-PMC-5769Dual Output Graphics Card
DP-XMC-11042-Channel, 200/250 MHz 16 BIT ADC XMC Module
DP-XMC-5007Quad MIL-STD-1553B, Dual ARINC 429 and Quad UART Communication Module
DP-XMC-5010Quad Serial FPDP / Aurora XMC / PMC Module
DP-XMC-577539 Differential I/O or 78 TTL I/O XMC Module