One of the world's leading architectures for high reliability electronics applications is the VME platform.

The VME standard is managed by the VME bus International Trade Association, VITA.

Embedded computing's most successful bus standard, VME bus, shows no signs of slowing down as it maintains it's position as the industry's de facto standard into the 21st century. The foundation of VME's longevity, namely it's steady rate of technological evolution combined with a commitment to backward compatibility with legacy hardware and software, has been the linchpin of it's popularity for nearly twenty-five years. Today, innovative enhancements to the standard, through the VME Standards Organisation (VSO), continue to improve VME bus' speed, performance and reliability, strengthening it's position as the ideal solution for today's increasingly stringent commercial, industrial and military system requirements (Source: VITA).

Data Patterns has implemented a number of standard VME boards, driven by Customer needs for Processor and I/O requirements in this platform. Today, standard modules are available covering the needs of:

  • Avionics grade conduction cooled Single Board Computers with 7410 Power PC processors

  • High Reliability Air cooled 755 / 7410 processor boards

  • Rugged IP Carriers enabling functionality to be provided through IP modules for Digital I/O, Serial Communication standards, and other functions

  • Special functions for Applications such as Synchro / Resolver Inputs and Outputs

Other I/O functions such as Analog I/O and Digital I/O available from our IP and Mezzanine Module families can be directly integrated in VME systems.

Further functions needed for applications can be developed by Data Patterns in very short time frames, where such a development is appropriate to project requirements.

Data Patterns in now developing unique products in the VME based system, leveraging the latest techniques in ultra fast computing and high bandwidth inter processor communications. Burst Transfer Speeds of up to 2000 Mbytes per second, as well as switch fabric techniques for flexible routing of communication bandwidth resources, are provided. These boards are targeted at Radar, Image and Sonar signal processing applications.  

A list of products is given below.

Product Name Description View
DP-PSU-8026VME Power Supply Module
DP-VME-0405Rugged Power PC 755/7410 SBC
DP-VME-0447Single / Dual Power PC 7448/7447A SBC
DP-VME-0450Avionics Grade Power PC 7410 SBC
DP-VME-0669Core i7 VME 64x SBC
DP-VME-1242Quad IF Board
DP-VME-1427VME Analog Input Module
DP-VME-144332 Channel ADC Module
DP-VME-2115VME Analog Output Module
DP-VME-307848 Channel Isolated Digital Input/Output Module
DP-VME-313296 Channel I/O and 64 Channel I/P VME Module
DP-VME-363664 Channel Isolated Digital Input/Interrupt/Output Module
DP-VME-405948 Channel Relay Output Module
DP-VME-422432 Channel Relay Output Switch
DP-VME-5031Resolver to Digital and Digital to Resolver Converter
DP-VME-5114PMC Carrier Module
DP-VME-5121VME64x IP Carrier Module
DP-VME-524764 Channel Dual IF Signal Processor
DP-VME-5400Video System Controller for Avionics Displays
DP-VME-583532 Channel PWM Generator Module with Analog Outputs
DP-VME-5838High Performance 335 M, 6 Channel Digital Receiver
DP-VME-5841Quad Digital Receiver Hardware
DP-VME-70082 Slot 6U VME 64x Backplane
DP-VME-80019U VME Chassis