Manufacturing Services

Data Patterns provides Build-to-Print manufacturing services for high reliability Printed Circuit Board assemblies using state-of-the art Solder Paste Printing Machine, Automated Pick and Place equipment, supported by complete in-process inspection tools and statistical process control to ensure high reliability manufacturing services. We also design board stencils where required. Production facilities include manufacture of cables, integration of box solutions and integration of large rack systems. Our in-house processes are qualified for repeatability and consistency, governed by stringent in-house and international standards.

We have a flexible modular production line to meet Low Volume High Mix Requirements. Hi-reliability products are handled using special processes that ensure quality at each stage before committing to the next, with an eye on the desired end-result in terms of quality, time and cost.

Irreversible event and processes in production have stringent gating norms to prevent loss of time and components downstream. For example, Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) is carried out before and after all special processes. Three stages of AOI inspection are used, aimed at zero defect outputs. Early course corrections are possible because AOI catches defects if any upstream. We pay attention to details that can pre-empt errors, such as testing our personnel periodically for 20-20 vision, to ensure proper identification of defects during visual inspection.

100% Components placement by machine can be carried out in high-reliability requirements to eliminate human error. Practices such as post print solder paste volume measurement ensure a controlled process for realizing the desired product. Some measures, such as 24X7 refrigeration of solder paste from supplier to line, are practised to prevent solder defects, and assist in the realization of defect free products.

Non-automatable soldering processes are handled through either a manual soldering process, or by building customized infrastructure for specialist manufacturing jobs. Manual soldering, where required, is carried out by client certified personnel. Currently, operators are certified by VSSC and ISAC.

Additionally, procedure driven careful handling of ESD (Electrostatic Sensitive Devices) and MSD (Moisture Sensitive Devices) prevent adverse consequences. Another measure is the inspection for Ionic Contamination before conformal coating, an Irreversible processes. This ensures next to nil rework post conformal coating. Conformal coating with different materials is done with measured and precise thickness control.

Custom thermal profiles for reflow ovens ensure that the product is tested for accurate conditions and not just an approximation. We also carry out Pull Strength Check for Harness Crimp Reliability, to ensure robustness relevant to end-use.

All the Printed Circuit Board assemblies are tested for 100% functionally, using special test equipment / test jigs. The modules subjected to Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) in order to eliminate latent defects if any. This ensures reduced field failures and hence warranty cost to our customers.

Special requirements such as Reballing of BGA (Ball Grid Array) from ROHS (Non-leaded) to non ROHS (leaded) can be provided if required. Further, if boards of non-standard shapes need to be manufactured, we can design and deploy the adapting pallets. Jigs for manufacturing and testing can also be built to client specs.

We can currently assemble 600 Boards per day. Our line has 70 dedicated work stations for testing modules and small systems. We have a capacity for harness preparation of 2000 points per day.

For inspection, we have standard and special devices like viscometer, for testing the viscosity of solder paste before using in the stencil printer, 3D Solder Paste thickness measurement, X-ray inspection facility, BGA underscope Inspection, and an Ion Contamination tester.

We also employ Coating Thickness Gauge, for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous substrate, for measuring coating thickness like paint, anodization, etc. as well as a paint adhesion tester for checking the quality of paint adhesion on surfaces.

We go the extra mile with Earth Resistance testing for verifying the ground resistance of the Building and ESD Earth to ensure that our production environment is as impeccable as feasible.

We have , in addition, a significantly equipped in-house environmental testing laboratory to ensure that the product deliverable meets the specified requirements. For information on our environmental testing facilities,please click here. Our Instruments are calibrated with the NABL accredited Labs.

We build products that can conform to a wide range of relevant standards including:

  • IPC J-STD-001: Requirements for soldered electrical and electronic assemblies.
  • IPC A- 610: Acceptability standards for electronic assemblies.
  • IPC 7711 / 7721: Rework of electronic assemblies and Repair and modification of printed boards and electronic assemblies.
  • IPC A 620: Requirements and acceptance for cable and wire harness assemblies.
  • ESD: ANSI / ESD S 20.20 :2007
  • MIL-STD-810: Environmental test methods
  • JSS 55555: Environmental test methods

We are equipped for space grade assembly, with the capabilities to quickly expand our facilities to meet special customer requirements, and growing future demand.

If you are in the market for an experienced and reliable manufacturer to realize your design, working with you, and for you, with a stringent time and quality focus, it’s more than likely that we are the people who can deliver.