PCB Design Services

Printed-circuit boards (PCBs) are at the heart of the modern electronic packaging and a part of almost every electronics product. With increasing complexity of modern electronic circuits, the demand for specialists in PCB design technologies is now a prerequisite, but remains a rarely available breed of professionals.

Over the years of research and study, DataPatterns are well equipped with the modern cutting edge technologies of layout designing and signal integrity using EDA tools. Our complex High-density boards capabilities may involve more than 20 layers, comprising of upwards of 4500 components, pin density of 500 pins/inch, working at the rate of 3.125 -6.25 G bps using advanced PCB design technologies like microvias, high-density inter- connects (HDIs), and high-pin-count FPGAs.

All the high-speed and critical signals and power supply are analyzed using Hyperlynx Signal integrity and Hyperlynx Power Integrity respectively. RF designs are analyzed using the ADS tool, thus ensuring efficiency and reliability of the engineered designs. We have successfully designed and tested Wide-Band Signal Processing unit, IFF Interrogator, Advanced display units, that includes RF boards such as VHF, UHF, C-Band, X-Band Transmitter/Receiver module.

Our PCB team is thoroughly trained and experienced in designing High-density Rugged Digital, Analog, RF, IF and Power supply Boards using MIL Grade standards. We use developmental tools that enable collaborative development of PCBs.

Design features include
  • Signal Integrity analysis
  • Differential Signals – length matching
  • High Speed signals – Signal Integrity Analysis
  • Clock Routing - Signal Integrity Analysis
  • Planar Transformer design
  • Power Supply – High Current Planes and Vias
  • Thermal Plane for uniform Heat transfer

Data Patterns has expertise in reliable hardware engineering, and can offer design and development services for High precision analog, High speed digital, mixed signal and RF design; from elementary boards to high-end complex systems. Our design philosophy revolves around:

  • Re-usability – Quick product development
  • Scalability – Seamless enhancement
  • Adaptability – Various Platforms
  • Interoperability – Co-existence
  • Testability – Test coverage and diagnostics
  • Maintainability – Long term support and protection against obsolescence

Our domain exposure includes Embedded systems, Wireless communications, Signal processing Communication Systems, Control Systems, Navigation and Radar processing. We are experts in these domains, and can also boast of the ability for supporting algorithm development, simulation and validation for the desired end use. To support our design and delivery, we are exceptionally competent in Mathematical Modeling, Data analysis, Feasibility checks, System development, System and Performance analysis.

Our portfolio of Board Design Competencies can be categorized as:
  • High Density / Complex Digital.
  • High Precision Analog / Mixed Signal.
  • Power Supplies.
  • RF/IF Design.
  • Backplane Modules.
  • Rigid-Flex.

We carry out Physical, Data Link and Control Interface Layers design. Our expertise in designing standard boards such as VPX, VME, FMC, XMC , PMC, cPCI, COMe, etc., is proven and established. We are able to design boards that involve High speed Processors, FPGAs, DAC/ ADC, DDR II , DDR III, QDR , Ethernet, PCIe, and USB devices.

We ensure design and support from initial library management to layout output generation. Our team adopts the latest trends of HDI routing of using Micro via, Blind, Buried vias for complex designs. HDI also been effectively proven for BGAs with more than 1000 pins and low profile components with pitch <0.8mm.

Our designers have developed an in-house tool for calculating cumulative derating, loading and signal integrity, to ensure the right components are used for the desired optimum performance. Additionally, simulation to capture overshoot, delays, cross talk, ringing, signal rise/ fall time, using Mentor Graphics applications, allows us to pre-empt problems and increase reliability.

As part of our intent to deliver excellence in design and realization, stringent signal analysis is done for boards operating at higher clock frequency, and, pre-layout and post-layout simulation is performed to check the signal characteristics and their interaction with each other.

Stringent Analysis and Simulation methods are also carried out to produce efficient RF outputs. Simulation is carried out using latest advanced simulation tools like ADS for effective analysis of the Signals. Analysis include DC and AC Analysis, S-Parameter Analysis, Transient Analysis and Harmonic Balance (HB)

DataPatterns also actively seek and deploy the latest trends in RF Designs such as Micro Stripline and Stripline Routing, and, CPWG (Co-Planar Wave Guide).

Checklists, Guidelines and templates e.g. routing guidelines for trace width and adjacent tracks separations, enable timely course corrections and mitigate the risk of downstream errors and delays. An active Design Review Board, composed of cross-functional experts, oversee the project and institute problem solving measures,

The statistics on our PCB Design Capabilities speak for our pioneering zeal and perseverance, as an Indian company, deeply invested in ensuring we deliver the best of the best products globally:

  • Maximum No Layers 22
  • Board Thickness 0.35 – 5.4 mm
  • Copper Thickness 0.5 – 3oz
  • Maximum Board Area 290 X 340 (mm)
  • Maximum no of Pins 23452
  • Minimum trace width 3
  • Minimum trace clearance 3
We confidently claim our place as experts in Via Technology as well. A sample menu of characteristics achieved is:
  • Micro Via / Blind Via Min 4 mil (Laser drill)
  • Buried Via Min 8 mil
  • Through Hole Via Min 8 mil
  • Surface finish ENIG, HASL
  • Output Gerber RS-274-X , ODB++

Data Patterns creates and maintains proprietary libraries derived from manufacturers’ specifications, and adapted for manufacturing standards, in order to obtain a highest possible production yield. For example, we can provide for multiple design objectives to work concurrently in a single board, and help complete the development in a shorter time. The team continuously updates itself with respect to modern manufacturing practices, to provide compatible state of the art designs.

If there is a design or board standard out there, we, in all probability, already have the expertise or the capability to ramp-up quickly. For a listing of standards in board design and development that we have exposure in, click here.

In the final analysis, a product can only be as good as the people who produce it. To this end, we deploy personnel experienced in a plethora of software tools. A sampling of tools that we use in the design and simulation are as below:

  • Central Library Management: Mentor Graphics-Library Manager
  • Schematic Design: Mentor Graphics -DxDesigner
  • Layout Design: Mentor Graphics-Expedition PCB – Xtreme PCB team PCB
  • Layout Verification: Mentor Graphics -Hyperlynx DRC
  • Output: ODB++, Vator, Gerber
  • Pre-Layout Simulation: Hyperlynx Signal Integrity LineSim
  • Post-Layout Simulation: Hyperlynx Signal Integrity BoardSim
  • Power Analysis: Hyperlynx Power Integrity
  • RF simulation: Advanced Design Systems (ADS)-Agilent Technologies

An eclectic expertise allows us to configure products that straddle special and general requirements, with the broad perspective that is required when developing products spanning knowledge streams. If this is your requirement in a vendor, it’s more than likely that we are the people who can deliver.