Modules in compact PCI from Data Patterns are available for Data Acquisition and Control, Simulation, Communication Automatic test equipment, Rugged systems, Fail-safe systems, Computer controlled logic controls, Plant automation and similar requirements. Other I/O functions available from our IP and Mezzanine Module families can be directly integrated into our cPCI systems.

Data Patterns has also pioneered cPCI derivatives such as 9U High Voltage systems, Multiple backplane support with Hot Standby Switchover capabilities. Continuous innovation enables MMI options such as CRT & LCD displays, Keyboards, Pointing devices, Finger print security devices and so on.

A list of products is given below.

Product Name Description View
DP-cPCI-11976 Channel Signal Conditioner & Data Acquisition Module For Full 14 Bridge Transducers
DP-cPCI-250216 Channel Isolated Analog Output Module
DP-cPCI-250532 Channel Analog Output Module
DP-cPCI-26016 Channel Function Generator / Flow Simulator
DP-cPCI-27094 Channel Precision Resistance Simulator Card
DP-cPCI-3015128 Channel Digital I/O With 6 Channel Counter
DP-cPCI-306964 Channel Isolated Digital Input / Interrupt Output Module
DP-cPCI-309696 Channel Isolated Digital Input / Interrupt Output Module
DP-cPCI-3708160 Channel Isolated Digital Output Module
DP-cPCI-3780192 Channel Isolated Digital Input / Interrupt Module
DP-cPCI-399664 Channel Digital Pattern Generator And Recorder Module
DP-cPCI-401740 Channel Low Thermal Relay Multiplexer Module
DP-cPCI-4032192 X 1 Or 96 X 2 cPCI Low Thermal Relay Scanner Module
DP-cPCI-403532 Form C High Power Relay Module
DP-cPCI-41132 Pole 12 X 4 Low Thermal Relay Matrix Module
DP-cPCI-4149192 X 4 / Dual 96 X 4, cPCI High Density Matrix Module
DP-cPCI-41588 Channel 1GHz High Frequency for SBDT Relay Module
DP-cPCI-42963U cPCI 8 Channel ARINC 429 Module
DP-cPCI-430564 Channel Form A High Power Relay
DP-cPCI-4341Configurable Relay Matrix Module
DP-cPCI-4383192 X 1 High Density Relay Multiplexer
DP-cPCI-445524 Channel, 1 Form C 5A Relay Switch
DP-cPCI-450932 Channel, 1 Form C 2A Relay Switch
DP-cPCI-454516 Channel, 1 Form A 15A Relay Switch
DP-cPCI-500424 Channel Isolated Counter / Totalizer & 16 Channel Pulse Simulator
DP-cPCI-5031Synchro To Digital & Digital To Synchro Converter
DP-cPCI-5112Quad M Module Carrier
DP-cPCI-5121Quad IP Carrier Module With Rear I/O
DP-cPCI-5202Quad IP Carrier Module With Front I/O
DP-cPCI-5211cPCI IP Carrier Module With Front And Rear I/O
DP-cPCI-54006U cPCI PMC carrier
DP-cPCI-5586High Voltage Insulation Tester Module
DP-cPCI-5664Dual Channel MIL-STD-1553 BC/RT/MT cPCI Intelligent Module
DP-cPCI-5667Audio Analyzer and Digital Audio Bus Module
DP-cPCI-5715cPCI Based PentiumM SBC
DP-cPCI-7497PCI Extender Card for cPCI Systems
DP-cPCI-7554Frequency Response Analyser
DP-cPCI-80019U cPCI Chassis
DP-cPCI-801010U cPCI Chassis
DP-cPCI-8100Portable cPCI Chassis With 15" LCD Display
DP-cPCI-81184U cPCI Chassis

C Band Quad Channel Receiver Board

DP-OBC-0453DP-OBC-0453 Rugged cPCI PowerPC Processor Module
DP-OBC-1011Rugged cPCI Communication Module
DP-OBC-1122Multifunctional I/O Module
DP-OBC-300364 Channel Digital Input and 4 Channel RS422 Module
DP-OBC-300664 Channel Digital Output and 4 Channel RS422 Module
Rear I/ORear I/O Transition Modules