FPGA Services
FPGA Services

Data Patterns provides complete FPGA development life cycle support, from specification to final tested product. We are specialists in High-speed design involving multimillion gate densities. We cover multiple application areas including test bench design, and, system validation or technology migration.

Our common database of tested FPGA IP cores as below, offers scope for quick ramp-up and deployment of your FPGA requirement. If it’s done anywhere, it’s likely that we have the means in our library which includes:

  • Processor Interface
  • Memory Interface
  • Peripheral Interface
  • Video Interface
  • Camera Interface
  • Image Processing

Our design team is trained on the latest architecture and optimization techniques across FPGAs/CPLDs. Our professionals are experienced in High Speed Digital Design using Virtex 7, Zync, Kintex series Xilinx FPGAs, Altera and Actel FPGAs. Capabilities include experience in RTL (Verilog, VHDL, SystemVerilog).

We employ a wide umbrella of programming skills, interface designs, algorithm development and architecture optimization. We are skilled to provide you with the optimum processor interface designs and glue logic. We deliver with professional ease because of many person-years of experience in design tools and devices such as Xilinx, ISE/VIVADO, Microsemi, Libero, Altera, Quartus, MATLAB, Simulink and System Generator.

We also have experts to ensure that the product can be satisfactorily realized using simulating tools prior to irreversible stages. Simulation tools include Xilinx – ISIM, Mentor Graphics Modelsim, Aldec HDL Designer. For quick simulation and debugging, we also deploy experts in ChipScope Pro, ModelSim, Aldec Active HDL and SIM from Xilinx. For a complete list of domain expertise in FPGA,please click here

We can get involved in the design and development process at any stage including:

  • Requirement & Feasibility Study
  • Device Selection
  • Architecture Definition
  • RTL Coding
  • Functional simulation
  • Verification & Validation
  • Synthesis and resource Optimization
  • Floor-planning & Timing Closure
  • Testing

We have delivered solutions to customers in aviation, military and space applications, and our delivery processes have been certified by both leading agencies and customers. All our processes for delivering the product are thoroughly defined and documented in order to optimize the logic and ensure quality. We provide deliverables in line with RTCA/DO-254 Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware Certification, if demanded. We can work with you to ensure successful certification for your project that includes safety-critical electronic hardware development utilizing the DO-254 standard, or for that matter, any other stringent specification.

Skilled people, and dedicated knowledgeware, for the best-in-class requirements reflects in the way we design. If this is your prime focus, it’s more than likely that we are the people who can deliver.