High Speed Processors

Data Patterns has a state-of-the-art line up of high end processing modules utilizing fast multi core processor based architecture as well as FPGA based processing engines. These are applied in Radar Signal Processing, Image Processing and similar requirements. Processors are available in VPX as well as older VME and cPCI architectures.

Present architecture integrates FPGA Signal processors with Power PC Processors and FMC based digitizers and waveform generators, allowing complex applications to be implemented in single board solutions in the domain of Radars, Sonars and Image Processing applications.

Product Name Description View
DP-VME-0669Core i7 VME 64x Single Board Computer
DP-VPX 0659VPX Based Quad 8640D Signal Processing Unit
DP-VPX-0689VPX based Quad 8640D Signal Processing Unit
DP-VPX-0869High Performance VPX based FMC Carrier Module
DP-VPX-0899Virtex 7 based FMC Carrier Module
DP-VPX-0930VPX based Quad Core Signal Processing Module
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