Data Patterns is the industry leader in Defence & Aerospace not only because of the high-end technology used in our products, but also because of the spirit and commitment of our employees. In return for their efforts, we provide a stimulating work culture — one where employees are encouraged to work hard, play hard and pitch in!

We are committed to supporting our employees through systems and policies that foster open communication & transparent work culture, maintaining privacy, and assuring health and safety.

Team Data Patterns
We value team play. Our strong team spirit pushes us to go the extra mile and achieve outstanding results. We work together to deliver quality and performance, the first time itself and thereafter, time after time, to delight our customers!

Core Values
Each employee is guided by a set of corporate values: Passion, Commitment, Honesty, Hard work,Team work, Integrity and Customer Focus & Communication. We believe that adhering to these values is the key to our success.

Data Patterns is proud to be a design and development company taking credit for a variety of protos for various applications. We believe in creating a path of our own and do not mind taking any risk to tread it.

Working environment
The most important resource that we are proud of, is the work force, our employees whose well-being is of prime concern to us as we belive that a positive & conducive work environment and business success are closely interrelated.

Here you will find a motivating work environment, and no dearth of open and helpful colleagues. Working together at Data Patterns brings the best in us as our relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. A helpful and considerate attitude towards colleagues, and the friendly way in which we deal with each other, form the basis of a long-term and successful co-operation. We kindle the passion to excel and motivate all members to better themselves and to bring in the best.

Nevertheless, it is our aim to constantly improve and further promote our employees' satisfaction by engaging them to their utmost potential. We strongly believe in sharing our experience and technical expertise mutual support and motivation.