Product IDDP-cPCI-1197
Product Name6 Channel Signal Conditioner & Data Acquisition Module For Full 14 Bridge Transducers
Product DescriptionDP-cPCI-1197 is a high-resolution signal-conditioning module that amplifies the signals from full-bridge based transducers. This signal-conditioning module is available on a cPCI module form factor. This module has four gain settings to accommodate a wide variety of sensor output voltages. In addition, this module has an adjustable excitation voltage to accommodate transducer excitation requirements.A high resolution sigma-delta ADC and variable gain amplifier forms the core of the signal conditioning system. Direct digital conversion and digital isolation ensures a better signal integrity in comparison with the conventional analog system.
Key Features
  • Signal conditioning for full bridge based transducers.
  • Six wire measurement.
  • Programmable excitation voltages of 0, 1, 2, 5, 10 Volts.
  • Gain of 1, 30 (software selectable) and 10, 300 (jumper selectable).
  • High resolution Analog to Digital conversion for each channel.
  • Direct digital interface to PXI backplane.
  • Digital isolation for excellent linearity.
  • Channel-to-Channel isolation.
  • Six pole low pass filter (Optional).
  • Analog output (Optional).
  • Memory 32K sample FIFO per channel
  • Current Value Table.
  • Internal or external pacer.
  • PXI bus trigger or external trigger
  • Built in self test.
  • Software shunt calibration.
  • Hardware window comparator with alarms and de-bounce.
  • Maximum and minimum peak value table for each channel.
  • DMA transfer for high data throughput.
  • Windows 2000 drivers provided.
  • RT Linux drivers provided.