Product IDDP-cPCI-3996
Product Name64 Channel Digital Pattern Generator And Recorder Module
Product DescriptionDP-cPCI-3996 is a 64-channel digital pattern generator and recorder. Each channel has 16Kbit deep pattern memory independently available for Pattern generator, recorder, direction and control. The Pattern memory may be used for both pattern generation and recording.Pattern generation or recording may be achieved at a maximum clock speed of 15MHz.The 64 Channels are grouped into 4 groups of 16 channels each. Each group may be individually configured as pattern generators or pattern recorders.
Key Features
  • 64 channel digital pattern generation and recording.
  • 64x16K deep pattern memory independently available for generator, recorder, direction and control.
  • 15MHz pattern generation.
  • Segmentable pattern memory features - Start and Repeat pattern stores - Triggered start of pattern generation / recording / pre-post - Repeat pattern repeatable upto 64K times or continuously.
  • Arranged in 4 groups of 16 channels.
  • Pacer and trigger output of selectable polarity for external synchronisation.
  • Group wise features - Internal or external pacer - External pacer can be one of the selected groups - 32 bit counter for frequency control - Synchronisation between groups - Generation / Recording mode selected group.
  • 6U cPCI single slot.
  • Windows 2000 drivers provided.
  • RT Linux drivers provided.