Product IDDP-cPCI-7497
Product NamePCI Extender Card for cPCI Systems
Product DescriptionThe DP-cPCI-7497 is highly flexible PCI Extender card, which can be used to extend PCI / PCI-X bus from one system to another system over an optical fiber medium upto 500m distance. A PCI-X to PCI-e Bridge is used to convert the PCI / PCI-X protocol to x4 PCI Express protocol operating at 2.5Gbps.The PCI-X to PCI-e Bridge is connected to four optical transceivers (x4 PCI- e link) which can transmit optical signals upto 2.5Gbps speed.A x4 copper medium connection option in lieu of optical transceivers is also available.The PCI Extender card is compatible with 32 / 64 bit and 33 / 66 MHz speed PCI / PCI-X signal. The DP-cPCI-7497 is implemented in a 3U cPCI form factor. The DP-cPCI-7497 will act as an I / O card in the host chassis and extend the signals to the remote chassis where another DP-cPCI-7497 will be mounted in Slot 0 to receive the signals from the host chassis and transfer it the remote chassis.DP-cPCI-7497 is also available in PCI / PMC form factors*. System designers can choose between PCI / cPCI / PMC form factors to interconnect between system types such as PCI, cPCI & VME etc.
Key Features
  • 32 bit / 64 bit at 33 / 66 MHZ iPCI/PCI-X BUS.
  • 2.5Gbps PCI Express per lane.
  • Standard cPCI board.
  • Compact design.
  • Low power consumption and idissipation.
  • 3U / 6U form factor support for fascia.