Product IDDP-OBC-1122
Product NameMultifunctional I/O Module
Product DescriptionDP-OBC-1122 is a standard 3U cPCI Multi-Functional IO module. This board operates on 32bit, 33MHz PCI bus. The key function of the module is to provide analog IO interface, in addition to the various communication interfaces such as ARINC429, RS422 and Rs232.It has an ADC, operating with 10V analog input catering for 8 single ended / 4 differential ended channels and a DAC which provides 4 channels of analog signals with a maximum output voltage of 10V .The module also features standard communication channels and general purpose IOs. It has 3 asynchronous RS422 channels and 1 RS232 channel, which supports baud rate up to 115.2 Kbps. Two channels of ARINC429 transmitters and four channels of ARINC429 receivers are provided. The module has 8 opto-isolated differential digital input channels and 8 differential digital output channels. In addition, the unit has two opto-isolated differential interrupt channels.
Key Features
  • 16-bit analog to digital conversion with 4 differential or 8 single-ended channels.
  • 16-bit digital to analog conversion with 4 analog output channels.
  • 2 Transmitter channels and 4 receiver channels of ARINC429 interface.
  • 3 numbers of RS422 serial ports with isolated receivers.
  • 1 number of RS232 serial port.
  • 8 channel opto-isolated differential digital input lines.
  • 8 channel differential digital output lines.
  • 2 channels of opto-isolated differential external interrupts.
  • 32 bit, 33MHz PCI bus interface.
  • FPGAfor on-board logic.
  • Software support: Vx Works 6.3.