Product IDDP-cPCI-3780
Product Name192 Channel Isolated Digital Input / Interrupt Module
Product DescriptionDP-cPCI-3780 provides 192 channel digital input / interrupt with optical isolation. The 192 channel input is divided into 12 groups of 16 channels. The inputs are designed for a input voltage range from 5V to 28V.
Key Features
  • 192 channel isolated digital input / interrupt.
  • Isolation in group of 16 channels.
  • 192 input interrupts / state change interrupts.
  • User programmable masks on each input channel.
  • User programmable low true or high true selection on each input.
  • Supports input levels from 5 V to 28V DC.
  • Self-test excluding isolation.
  • Time programmable debounce for input channel.
  • Single slot 6U cPCI form factor.
  • Hot swap compliant.
  • Windows 2000 drivers provided.
  • RT Linux drivers provided.