Power Supply

Data Patterns provides expert design services and solutions for high power, high efficiency SMPS converters, requiring complex engineering and for use in exacting environmental specifications. We build low cost, highly reliable, switch mode units for high end Industrial, Military & aerospace applications. We deal in standard, Hi-voltage, Pulsed Radar, Power Supply Modules, ranging from compact to large scale systems.

We have a strong committed technical team for switch mode and linear supply designs. We do custom power supply designs on a need basis as well. We also provide isolated and non-isolated designs in buck, boost, SEPIC, Push Pull & Forward topologies as a single (or) multiple output modules. Moreover, we have an orthodox expertise for building special purpose power supply systems suitable for integration with diverse multi-vendor setups.

We design input filters to meet regulatory EMI requirements such as MIL-STD-461 and DO-160. Our rugged power supplies are built to support the rigorous environment of airborne, shipboard and mobile applications, designed to meet the input power requirements of MIL-STD-704 and RTCA-DO160. Our designs also conform to MIL-STD-461C/E (or) GOST 19706-89 as required.

Data Patterns follows good design practices to control large switching currents, for mitigating output and input noise. Careful component selection upstream in the design process minimizes potential ripple and noise. Load Analysis and Deration carried out as a standard practice, ensuring components are never stressed for the required end-use. PCB layouts are done with better understanding of circuit operations considering loop current and parasitic elements. We pre-empt potential failure with prior estimation and simulation of thermal properties and appropriately designed heat dissipation features. Stringent Layout simulation helps to identify potential hot-spots for optimized heat sink and ruggedizer designs, which provide thermal relief for the heat dissipating components.

Our power supply design portfolio includes:
  • Isolated Power supply design with Planar transformers and discrete components.
  • AC / DC Power Supply with Multiple outputs.
  • Power Supply for Capacitance load.
  • Power Supply with Hold-up requirements.
  • Power Supply with primary / secondary Load Sharing.
  • Hot Swap power supply modules with Oring operations.
  • EMI filters for AC(1ph & 3ph) and DC inputs.
  • Power Supply for Battery charging (Li-ion, Li-polymer, etc.) applications.
  • Standard COTS power supply modules(VPX, VME, PC104, etc..)
  • Power supply module in 3U, 6U and customized form factors.
  • RADAR Pulsed Power Supply design (high Current output).
  • High Voltage Power Supply design (For TWT amplifiers).
  • Linear low noise power supply for microwave receiver designs.

Our in-house savvy professionals carry out simulations using Pspice (ORCAD), LTSpice (Linear Technologies), Power SIM and MATLAB. Power Integrity testing for Isolation and Current requirements are carried out using Expedition (Mentor Graphics).

Power never came with this much focus and excellence, in such a competitive turnaround time and cost. If you demand these from your vendors, it’s more than likely that we are the people who can deliver.