Work From Home Rehearsal

Tough times never last. Tough companies do.

In the challenging times created by Covid-19, work from home reduces stress on public infrastructure, and slows down the spread of the virus. Todays effort of rehearsing large scale quarantine through the Janata Curfew will go a long way in preparing India for the tough times ahead. Judging from the ambience of my neighbourhood, I can say for certain that the people are co-operating and contributing to the efforts of fighting the war against the virus.

Data Patterns too is preparing for work from home situations. It is not an easy task for Data Patterns, because we are not a simple IT or ITES company. Complex designs for Aerospace and Defence Systems requires interaction. Formal conference room meetings, Continuous reviews, and impromptu standup meetings are common. Physical manufacturing means people on the shop floor. Quality control is a continuous and online process.

Our trial run on conducting work from home was carried out today. Congratulations to our ITS team for meticulously preparing infrastructure and training participants ahead of time.

All department heads, and small groups under them, simultaneously logged into our systems remotely, and carried out their routine activities. The fact that we were already 'paperless' made it easier. Most of our processes are already online on the intranet.

Marketing, Schematic Design, FPGA design team, Algorithms experts, Software Teams, Test Equipment teams, Supply chain, Mechanical Engineering Teams, PCB design, Simulation and Modelling Teams, Radar specialists, EW Specialists, RF design team, System Engineers, Design Review Engineers, Quality Control teams, Environmental test specialists, Power Supply design team, Configuration Management, Facility Management groups, Production teams all went online from their homes.

Bandwidth Utilisation, System response times, Network loading, were all instrumented and validated.

9AM to 1PM on a Sunday morning, participants - in lockdown mode at their homes - enthusiastically exercised all their processes and reported successes and challenges.

Special Recognition to the ITS team for the organisation and support. They lived up to the company's policy of doing everything meticulously and correctly.

Data Patterns is better prepared to face the emergency situation, even while supporting government and corporate efforts to ward off the emergency situation.

Data Patterns is a leading Private Sector Company providing indigenous solutions and Systems for Defence and Aerospace industry with over two decades of experience in developing high reliability Electronic Systems. The Company has expertise in Radars, Electronic Warfare, Avionics, Glass Cockpit Displays, Automatic Test Equipment, Communication Systems and Fire Control Systems. The Company is head quartered in Chennai, India and has offices spread all over India.