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Process Improvements


CMMi is a Process improvement and certification program that provides an integrated solution to bring in efficient and effective improvement across an organization towards performance, on-time delivery, productivity and customer satisfaction. CMMi evaluation covers Process Management, Project Management, Engineering and Support process areas assessed through the 'Standard CMMi Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI)'. Our commitment to quality has already set the ball rolling in this direction leading us to attain the CMMI maturity Level 3 by FY2015-16.


Supply chains for the 21st Century (SC21) is a forward thinking, collaborative program designed to improve the performance of suppliers and supply chains in the UK Aerospace, Defence and Security industries.

The SC21 program was launched in 2006 by 19 founder signatories, comprising of the key 16 Primes and 3 SMEs. The SC21 program is now achieving a critical mass and is firmly recognized as an effective and robust improvement program which continues to achieve benefits across the Aerospace, Defence and Security supply chain. It is seen as a consistent and cost effective framework to improve in key areas such as quality, delivery, business excellence, manufacturing excellence and relationships.

Data Patterns India Limited is the first company to sign up for the SC 21 Improvement program with SELEX ES as the prime in June2013.

Qualification from CEMILAC

Center for Military Airworthiness & Certification (CEMILAC) is a laboratory of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). Located in Bangalore, it's primary function is certification of military aircraft and airborne systems..Data Patterns has been approved as a design house for undertaking " Design and Development of Avionic LRUs (hardware and Software) for Military Aircraft and Airborne Systems".

CEMILAC has approved our facility for undertaking "Manufacturing, Environment Testing of Avionic Systems, sub systems and modules" for military Airborne applications

List of our products qualified by CEMILAC include

  • Smart Standby Display Unit (SSDU ) for LCA – Tejas (Air Force)
  • Type approval of  Smart Standby Display Unit (SSDU ) for LCA – Tejas (Air Force)
  • Smart Display System (SDS) comprising Smart Display Unit (SDU ) and Sensor Interface & Processing Unit (SIPU)  for - IJT 36 (Intermediate Jet Trainer)
  • Foldable Display System (FDS) for - KITE ESM System on Chetak & Kamov
  • Open Architecture Computer (OAC) with Indigenous Power PC S/N 201 (SOFT) for LCA - Tejas
  • Indigenous Smart Standby Display unit for use on Airborne platform

Lean Manufacturing System

The Lean manufacturing principles are followed with practices such as
5s- As per the principle of 'There is a place for everything and everything is in place ' the work in progress, materials and consumables are clearly marked and held in identified locations within suitable storage media. Effective use of color coding is made to identify different products, floor markings and storage areas.

Kaizen -Is applied to the workplace indicating continuous improvement involving everyone (managers and workers alike) without incurring an additional expense on space, people and resources to implement the process improvements based on improving quality, reduction of waste and reduction of production cost.

Kanban- The system where supply and demand is synchronized via use of appropriate techniques is in process of implementation involving all employees .