About Us

Data Patterns possesses complete in-house design capability for developing high reliability solutions in defence and aerospace systems. We have domain expertise in:

  • Automatic Test Equipment and Test Solutions
  • Avionics Products
  • COTS Boards
  • Fiber Optics
  • Fire Control systems
  • Gimbal and Actuator Control systems
  • High Speed Processor solutions with CPU, DSP and FPGA architectures
  • Identify Friend or Foe systems
  • Lasers and Electro Optics products
  • Naval Systems
  • Navigation systems
  • Power Supplies
  • Radar and Radar Subsystems
  • Radio Frequency and Microwave products
  • Cockpit & Rugged Displays
  • Seekers
  • Space Products


This expertise is backed by our pool of engineers who showcase their talent in design, engineering, manufacturing and provide Life Cycle Support of electronic High reliability Systems. Besides this, we have sourcing and procurement capabilities including Supply Chain Management, ERP implementation and vendor evaluation.

This domain expertise is backed by a design team with a track record of building reliable products factoring the targeted operational environment of the product. Our design capability is recognized and Data Patterns is approved as an R&D Organization by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR). Our design capability is backed by a full-fledged Supply Chain Management organization, a captive production line for board, box and multi rack system level products, a customer service support organization providing long-term maintenance support.

Our Design Expertise provides:
  • First Time Right Products
  • Highly Reliable Solutions
  • Rugged products for harsh environments
  • Products with modular construction
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Indigenous technology development
  • Products with Redundancy architecture
  • Life cycle support
Custom Design

For several years, Data Patterns has designed and produced not only standard, COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) boards but also a large variety of customized SBCs, Funcitonal Modules etc. Data Patterns realizes products tailored to the customer requirement while using as many COTS components as possible. We have the necessary expertise to achieve this mix of COTS and custom design to deliver a fast time-to-market solution meeting customer requirements. We are able to provide a product that is inherently reliable and capable of a life-time support over many years. Depending on application, we can offer solutions with COTS products or from semi-custom to fully customized solutions.

Rugged Electronics

Rugged electronics implies safe and reliable operation of a computer board or system in harsh environments. A rugged system needs appropriate packaging and thermal management to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Products so designed are tested to MIL-STD-810F and JSS55555 requirements. These products are designed using thermal modeling tools and structural analysis tools in order to provide the smallest and lightest possible solutions that can withstand the targeted application environment. From the design stage, the choice of components, the layout and system architecture takes into account the suitability for specific temperature ranges, shock, vibration, chemical influence, the option of coating against humidity, and other requirements. Data Patterns has its own environmental test laboratory to test the products in harsh environmental conditions like extreme temperatures and vibrations.

Build to Specifications

Most of Data Patterns' current activities form under a business class termed as "build to spec". For these projects, the project level specification becomes the entry point for Data Patterns activities in order to fulfill the contractual obligations. From the proposal stage, Data Patterns can examine customer requirements and propose an architecture which will meet the targeted applications' goals of functionality, environment, time to market, target price and other constraints. The proposal is backed by a technical team providing the inputs to ensure that compliance and commitments can be achieved at the least possible risk. Subsequent to successful negotiations and receipt of order, the project management team allocates resources, breaking down the specifications into manageable building blocks. These are designed, prototyped, qualified and then manufatured. Data Patterns provides life cycle support for it's products delivered through a "build to spec" approach.

Build to Print

Build to print contracts are executed by Data Patterns for manufacturing products exactly as per customer requirements and customer drawings. In this process, Data Patterns obtains manufacturing level documents such as Bill of Material, drawings and test procedures from the customer. The proposal is made based on cost of materials, production complexity, manufacturing time, utilization of production resources and expected production yield. Data Patterns has an active Supply Chain Management team which has the benefit of leveraging it's annual procurement of millions of dollars of components from across the world in order to minimize procurement cost. Subsequent to order, Data Patterns works closely with the customer team to ensure that production processes are implemented as per customer's expectations and ensures that any process related deficiencies are identified early and rectified. Streamlined production is then carefully monitored to ensure that process variances do not affect quality of products. The products are inspected as per the original standards of the customer in order to provide a trusted OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) production process as per customer's requirements.