Product IDDP-MM-4411
Product NamePulse Generator Module
Product DescriptionDP-MM-4411 is a M-Module Pulse Generator Module. This module meets a wide range of single channel pulse generation requirements up to 50MHz, cascadable into multiple channel using multiple modules and synchronization. This board has been designed to test digital systems and generate radar pulses. Applications of this board include design verification, functional testing, signal simulation, timing control, radar pulse simulation and ATE. Controllable rise and fall times are also useful in determining the characteristics of edge triggered devices. This board can generate waveform needed to test TTL and CMOS logic circuits. With jumper-selectable 50 Ohm, 75 Ohm or 95 Ohm termination, the pulse shape is excellent.
Key Features
  • Single channel.
  • Upto 50MHz pulse repetition rate.
  • Wide frequency from 0.192Hz to 50MHz.
  • Programmable pulse amplitude 14 bit.
  • Programmable output delay of 0nS to 5.2S.
  • Programmable pulse width of 10nS to 5.2S.
  • Programmable output pulse slew rate.
  • External clock in /oscillator in for synchronisation of multiple units.
  • Use with cPCI or VME or VXI systems carriers.
  • Burst mode - 1 to 65535 pulses.
  • Pulse pair ( double pulse) mode.
  • Software support Windows 2000.