Product IDDP-IP-5208
Product Name4 Channel Pulse Generator Output IP Module
Product DescriptionThe DP-IP-5208 is a pulse generator output module with programmable pulse rate and duty cycle. This module is built on IP standard for modularity. It has four output channels, each channel with four types of fan-outs. All the four outputs of a channel carry the same signal but with different electrical interface.This module has programmable pulse repetition rate of 500ns to 1075.7 seconds and variable duty cycle of 25%,50% or 75%. The four channels are grouped into two groups of two channels each for operating in individual or group mode. In group mode the selected channels are operated parallely.
Key Features
  • Four channels of pulse output.
  • Open collector TTL, Opto coupled,Inverted open collector TTL & Differential type fan-outs.
  • Programmable duty cycle.
  • Programmable pulse rate.
  • Independent or group operation of the channels.
  • LED per channel indicate channel status.
  • Built in self-test.
  • High accuracy pulse generation.
  • Long distance drive capability.
  • Windows 2000 drivers provided.
  • RT Linux drivers provided.