Product IDDP-IP-5334
Product Name1 Channel DC Voltage Detection 1 Channel Syncro Detection 1 Channel Resolver Output IP Module
Product DescriptionDP-IP-5334 is a special design IP module. It is used for 15V DC detection, synchro input detection and resolver output generation. The DC input path is opto isolated from the field connections. The synchro inputs are interfaced to the detection circuitry by upto isolation providing required isolation between the systems. Each of the detection section is linked to two 1 Form A relays providing two potential free contacts.
Key Features
  • Opto isolated 15V DC detection.
  • Opto isolated 90 Vrms, 400Hz synchro input detection.
  • 2 potential free relay contacts for each detection output.
  • Resolver output rating of 2VA.
  • Built in self-test.
  • LEDs provided for input detection and relay outputs.
  • Bit control operation of relays.
  • On board reference or external reference for Digital to Resolver converter.
  • High density IP configuration.
  • 2 slot IP module.
  • Windows 2000 drivers provided.
  • RT Linux drivers provided.