Product IDDP-MM-1123
Product Name3 Channel M-Module Strain Gauge Signal Conditioner with Excitation
Product DescriptionDP-MM-1123 is a High-Resolution Signal-Conditioning module with excitation on M-Module form factor. This is useful for the conditioning of signals from strain gauges, pressure cells and strain gauge based transducers. A 24-bit A/D Converter forms the core of the signal conditioning system. Direct digital conversion ensures a better signal integrity in comparison with conventional analog systems.
Key Features
  • Signal conditioning for strain gauges & strain gauge based transducers.
  • On-board user selectable bridge completion for bridge, 120W & 350W bridges, full bridge measurement capability.
  • Six wire measurement.
  • Programmable excitation voltages of 0.5,1, 2, 5, 8 Volts with lead- compensation.
  • Software selectable input range.
  • Software controlled shunt calibration.
  • Direct digital output.
  • High resolution analog to digital conversion in each channel.
  • Built-in self-test.
  • Direct use with cPCI or VME or VXI systems.
  • 12 channels in a single 6U slot.
  • Windows 2000 drivers provided.
  • RT Linux drivers provided.