Product IDDP-IP-3113
Product Name16 Channel Differential Digital I/O Module
Product DescriptionDP-IP-3113 provides an economical method for interfacing differential digital I/O signals. DP-IP-3113 supports continuous data rate of 8MB/s on word access and 4MB/s on byte access. All I/Os are RS422 compatible. This is a differential standard which provides high noise immunity.
Key Features
  • IP (Industry pack) type II module.
  • 16 Channels of differential I/O.
  • Programmable interrupts (maskable, edge selectable).
  • Selectable interrupt masking for all channels.
  • Register programmable TTL/CMOS inputs.
  • Programmable debounce time.
  • Built in self test (BIST).
  • Windows 2000 drivers provided.
  • RT Linux drivers provided.