Product IDDP-IP-5532
Product NameMIL-STD-1553 BC/RT/MT IP Module
Product DescriptionThe DP-IP-5532 provides full, intelligent interfacing between an IP interface and a dual redundant MIL-STD-1553B Data Buses. Software controls the operation of the channel as either a 1553 Bus Controller (BC), Remote Terminal (RT) or Bus Monitor (MT). The board features DDCs Mini-ACE hybrids. Each channel includes dual transceivers,encoders/decoders, complete 1553B protocol, 64K words of shared RAM and memory management logic for all three modes.Background mode operation prevents inadvertent access to the card during power-on self-test.On-board interrupt mask and interrupt status registers support flexible operation for both interrupt and polling applications.The memory management scheme for RT mode provides an option for separation of broadcast data plus a circular buffer option for individual RT sub addresses to off load the host CPU.Additional features include a wrap-around Built-in-test, register programmable interrupt level, software programmable RT address selection and a C software sub-routine library. DP-IP-5532s full compliance with MIL-STD-1553B makes it an excellent choice for real-time simulation, ATE and system integration applications.
Key Features
  • 1553B notice 2 dual redundant BC/RT/MT.
  • 64K x 16bit shared RAM.
  • Programmable BC gap times.
  • BC frame auto-repeat.
  • Flexible RT data buffering.
  • Monitor command filtering.
  • Simultaneous RT/Monitor.
  • Flexible interrupt generation.
  • 16 bit time tag with programmable timing resolution.
  • Windows 2000 drivers provided.
  • RT Linux drivers provided.