Product IDDP-MM-1105
Product Name16 Channel 100 KHz Isolated ADC Module
Product DescriptionDP-MM-1105 is an optically isolated, 100 KHz, 16-bit ADC input module based on M-Module standard. It can be used as an input module in any type of bus system i.e. cPCI, PCI, VME, etc. Appropriate host M Module carrier cards are available in 3U and 6U formats.The module can be configured as either 16 single-ended channels or 8 differential channels. The inputs are scanned using a protected multiplexer providing input protection up to + 42V. The normal input range is 10Volts. A programmable gain amplifier (PGA) with gain settings of 1, 10, 100 & 1000 allows smaller signal ranges down to + 10mVolts to be acquired.
Key Features
  • Fully isolated high speed ADC module.
  • 100 KHz, 16-bit ADC.
  • 8 differential channels or 16 single ended channels.
  • On card PGA with gain of 1,10,100 or 1000.
  • On card scan RAM of 512 bytes for flexible channel sequence.
  • Optional signal conditioning plug on flexibility for individual channels for attenuation, current voltage conversion and passive filter blocks.
  • On card 1K sample FIFO RAM.
  • On card current value table for all channels.
  • Programmable scan rates by means of NCO of upto 100KHz.
  • Windows 2000 drivers provided.
  • RT Linux drivers provided.