Product IDDP-IP-4221
Product Name8 Channel RS422/485 Serial Communication IP Module
Product DescriptionDP-IP-4221 is a RS-422/485 high speed communication module providing 6 asynchronous serial ports with RTS/CTS (or) 8 asynchronous ports without RTS/CTS. It provides a reliable communication link (RS-422/485) over long distance (upto 1.2kms) and its surge protection facility makes it suitable for industrial applications.This serial communication module offers programmable baud rate, character size, stop bit and parity bit. Each serial port is equipped with 128 byte FIFO on the transmit and receive lines. The data ports generate individually controlled transmit, receive, RTS, CTS and flow control interrupts. Assigning unique interrupt vectors to each port further helps in easy identification and location of the interrupt source. Also, a priority shifting scheme prevents continuous interrupts from one port from blocking interrupts on the other.When configured as a 8 port board, 4 ports have RTS, CTS and hand shake control while the other 4 ports do not have RTS, CTS control. 6 port or 8 port mode selection is software programmable.Many devices used in today's industrial environments are designed for RS422/485 interface. Users employ RS-422/485 serial communication boards to connect to an industrial RS-422 or RS-485 network and transmit data over distances upto 1.2 Kms. The RS-422/485 is well suited for communicating in noisy environments as it uses differential technology that splits each signal into 2 separate wires in opposite voltage states.
Key Features
  • 6 channels of asynchronous, full duplex EIA/TIA-422 serial ports with RTS/CTS.
  • 8 channels without RTS/CTS (supports EIA-485).
  • 128 Byte transmit/receive buffers per channel.
  • 15KV ESD static protection.
  • Standard Industry pack (IP) form factor.
  • Windows 2000 drivers provided.
  • RT Linux drivers provided