Product IDDP-VME-5121
Product NameVME64x IP Carrier Module
Product DescriptionData Patterns DP-VME-5121 VME IP carrier board is a 6U VME bus card that provides an electrical and mechanical interface for four industry standard IP modules. The board provides full data access to the IP modules I/O, ID and memory spaces. The programmable registers are used for configuring and controlling the operation of IP modules.Each IP module supports two interrupt requests. The VME bus interrupt level is software programmable. The software configured interrupt modes are:a.Single level interrupt mode: All IP module interrupts can be mapped to a single VME bus interrupt level. IRQ1 through IRQ7 can be user-selected. b.Interrupt disable mode: For non-interrupting applications, all interrupts can be disabled. The carrier board supports four single size IP modules or two double size IP modules. 200 lines of I/O are routed to the rear backplane connectors - 5 row DIN P2 connector and 95 pin P0 connector. IP memory space accesses are supported and software configurable from 1Mbyte to 8Mbytes of memory in VME64x address space. Filtered+5V,+12V and-12V DC power are provided to the IP modules via passive filters present on each supply line serving IP. This provides optimum filtering and isolation between the IP modules and the carrier board and allows analog signals to be accurately measured or reproduced on IP modules without signal degradation from the carrier board logic signal noise.
Key Features
  • Four Industry standard IP module slots.
  • 200 rear I/O points.
  • VME64x high density rear connectors.
  • Two interrupts per IP module.
  • Individually filtered power to each IP.
  • Optional temperature sensors per IP.
  • Windows 2000 drivers provided.
  • RT Linux drivers provided.