Product IDDP-VME-0450
Product NameAvionics Grade Power PC 7410 SBC
Product DescriptionThe DP-VME-0450 is a high performance VME PowerPC single board computer(SBC) that features the latest PowerPC 7410, SDRAM with Error detection and correction and a dedicated L2 cache bus. The board's architecture strikes a balance between high performance processing power, memory and I/O resources. With its vast array of interfaces the DP-VME-0450 allows the user to perform intensive I/O while permitting rigorous computing. Two industry standard PMC slots enhance the I/O capability, allowing the users to provide program specific features by using all commercially available PMC module.The DP-VME-0450 includes standard functions like Processor clocked to the maximum frequency of 400MHz for PowerPC 7410, 2MB SRAM L2 cache at 200MHz, SDRAM up to 256MB at 100MHz, system and user flash up to 128MB, 32KB NVSRAM device incorporated with 32KB EEPROM.The processor interfaces with Peripheral devices using system controllers MPC107 and Power Span-2. The MPC107 controller also interfaces the processor to the SDRAM and FLASH. It acts as an interconnect between PowerPC 60X bus and PCI bus. Local bus is interfaced with PCI bus through PCI9030 and control logic.
Key Features
  • Latest PowerPC7410 processor @400MHz (AltiVec feature for 7410).
  • PowerPC 755 option.
  • 64 bit 66 MHz PMC bus.
  • 100 MHz memory bus.
  • Sustained memory bandwidth of 457 MBPS (800MBPS peak).
  • 200MHz cache memory bus.
  • Rugged option.
  • Conduction cooled PCB.
  • Standard 6U VME64X form factor.
  • High performance COTS VME solution for signal processing.
  • Compact rugged design for severe environments.
  • Low power consumption and dissipation.
  • -40C to 75C operating temperature.
  • Power PC processor with inbuilt 32KB L1 cache and upto 2MB L2 cache.
  • Upto 128MB FLASH.
  • Upto 256MB SDRAM with ECC.
  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet.
  • Upto 4 serial ports.
  • 2 PMC slots.
  • PS2 key board and mouse.
  • Hardware & Software configuration management.
  • VxWorks drivers provided.
  • RTLinux drivers provided.
  • RCMA approved.