Product IDDP-VME-1443
Product Name32 Channel ADC Module
Product DescriptionDP-VME-1443 is a VME-Based 32-Channel ADC module. It has 16-bit resolution and 5 micro seconds ( max) A/D conversion time. The module is optimised for wide variety of applications, which include checkout, data acquisition, military, naval, and aerospace systems.
Key Features
  • A-16,D -16 and16MHz VME interface.
  • 32 channel analog inputs.
  • Two boards ( main board of 6U size & piggy board) with 16 channels on each board occupying 4T slot.
  • Inputs can be unipolar, bipolar voltage or current in the range of 4-20mA.
  • Input protection upto ± 40V.
  • High-frequency noise filtering by using single pole RC low pass passive filter.
  • Sampling rate of 100KSPS.
  • 16-bit digital serial output.
  • Per-channel isolation for each individual channel is maintained.
  • 32 individual FIFO’s used to store the sampled data separately.
  • Isolation is provided using opto-isolator between the digital output of ADC and input to FPGA.
  • External trigger, pacer input and output Rising edge trigger.
  • Two 50-pin D-Sub connectors for field interface.
  • Drivers provided – RTLinux.