Product IDDP-VME-1242
Product NameQuad IF Board
Product DescriptionDP-VME-1242 is VME64x, 6U single-slot solution for high sampling rate and down conversion applications. Applications include - IF signal processing, radar systems, communication systems, and GPS systems.
Key Features
  • VME 64x interface.
  • Four channel down conversion implementation scheme.
  • Each down conversion channel has 95K logic cells FPGA.
  • Piggy selectable Option I : 14 bit,105MSPS ADC Option II : 16 bit,130MSPS ADC.
  • Each ADC digitizes the 50ohm un balanced analog input.
  • One 50 ohm unbalanced sampling clock for all four ADCís. 3 Linkport interface per down conversion channel at VME user lines.
  • 8 GPIO lines per down conversion channel at VME user lines.
  • Ambient and FPGA die temperature monitoring.
  • Two serial FPDP interface at 2.5Gbaud Via infiniband connector per down conversion channel.