Product IDDP-VME-5400
Product NameVideo System Controller for Avionics Displays
Product DescriptionDP-VME-5400 is a Video System Controller for Avionic Displays. It is a VME-based I/O module mainly used to perform video switching and video conversion operations. Applications for this board include display control in air-borne operations and redundancy control.
Key Features
  • 8 channels of analog differential inputs, 8th channel is of ARNIC 552A standard for radio altimeter interface.
  • 8 receiver channels and 4 transmitting channels of ARINC protocol.
  • 2 channels of I2C interface.
  • 4 channels of RGBHV video switching ( any input to any output(s)) with video buffering.
  • 4 channels of composite switching (any input to any output(s)).
  • 8 channels of opto isolated digital input and output.
  • Programmable debounce clock options (4.6, 76, 1220, and 19.53K Hz).
  • 2 channels of differential health monitoring and control signals. Optically isolated input and RS- 422 standard output.
  • Provision to populate single conduction-cooled PMC module confirm to IEEE 1386.1, 32 bit and clocked 33MHz.
  • Conduction-cooled PCB.
  • Standard 6U VME64X form factor.
  • Compact rugged design for severe environments.