Product IDDP-VME-5841
Product NameQuad Digital Receiver Hardware
Product DescriptionDP-VME-5841 is a VME-based quad digital receiver hardware module, which measures the pulse parameters of RADAR in the real time. This module is particularly suited for radar systems, where the signals must be sampled at a high rate and very high purity programmable signal generation. The quad digital receiver hardware consists of two modules namely, IF & Clock synthesizer module and Quad Digital Receiver main module.
Key Features
  • Low Power, 10bit, dual channel, 1.5GSPS ADC.
  • 1.5GSPS ADC Input signal range of -50dBm to -10dBm.
  • Gain matching of + / - 1dB.
  • Phase matching of + /- 8 Bandwidth: 500 MHz (750MHz to 1250MHz).
  • Dual Virtex 6 SX series FPGAs and single Virtex 6 LX series FPGA.
  • 8 Channel outputs.